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DACA Recipients Worried For Their Future
by Nicole Wilcox
Wednesday May 3rd, 2017 5:04 PM
Individuals under the DACA administration are worried for their futures. President Trump has made it clear he is going to make changes towards the immigration policies. DACA recipients are waiting anxiously to hear what he will do.
DACA recipients are quite nervous right now. Due to President Trump's lack of response regarding what he is going to do with DACA, people are unsure what is going to happen next. DACA was put into effect by previous president Obama in the efforts of helping undocumented immigrants receive a quality education everyone has the right to. DACA stands for deferred action upon childhood arrivals. DACA provides two year reprieve from deportation and temporary eligibility to work legally here in the U.S.. It has prevented deportations on more than 1.2 million undocumented youth. DACA promoted better economic mobility, higher eduction, and improves the relationships among communities all over the country. Each recipient must renew their DACA every four years. The process is long and overwhelming.

President Trump has expressed his feelings about DACA recipients saying he doesn’t want anything to happen to them. He points out how he has children and grandchildren of this own and that he supposedly “understands.” In the beginning of his presidency he made it clear he was going to do his best in keeping immigrants out of this country and kicking out any undocumented person who made it into the states. California is one of fifteen states that permit undocumented students for financial aid. Being a DACA recipient can help you get financial aid, but not always. Many universities have pledged to protect the identities of their unauthorized immigrant students. However, there is still an uneasy feeling on many campuses, after finding out some students have already been detained by ICE. Their futures remain unknown.

We need to unite as a community and stand together in protecting our students. All nonviolent DACA recipients deserve a chance in living a better life. People come to America for opportunity and freedom. With the new presidency, I am finding our country straying away from our core values as a nation. I am hopeful that president Trump will do the right thing and protect our undocumented students and not take away their freedom.