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Response to: “It Isn’t Complicated: People Need a Place to Live”
by Nathalie Marquez
Wednesday May 3rd, 2017 11:09 AM
This is a letter to the editor for The Press Democrat commenting on how I felt about an article that was written.
Letter to the Editor,

I am writing to respond to your article, “It Isn’t Complicated: People Need a Place to Live” April 9, 2017

As a millennial and a college student ready to graduate from Sonoma State, it is not an understatement to say that Sonoma County has become retirement central. This may be the perfect location for retirement as it offers wineries, hikes at Armstrong Redwoods, and the peaceful sight of Bodega Bay. While for millennials, we are all struggling to begin our lives as newly graduates ready to start new jobs and a place where we can call home. Today it is impossible and the only way majority of millennials can afford to move out of their parents’ home is to rent a room in a house full of five to six other people.

I can agree with many of the statements made in the article. There is continuous discussion about building more housing, but yet not much is being done or has improved. Not only has it been difficult for college students, but also young families. This article further creates awareness for the struggle of finding affordable housing college students continue to be affected by, but further needs to be done.


Nathalie Marquez

Santa Rosa, Ca.