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Unaffordable Health Care in Sonoma County
by Irma Saucedo (Irmasaucedo92 [at]
Wednesday Apr 26th, 2017 4:30 PM
In Sonoma County there have been many issues, and looking at more information of it, my research team and I found many issues that people go through.
Over the past decades our health care system and private insurance has protected most Americans. Still unprotected are the undocumented and uninsured individuals who cannot afford heath care.

I have recently finished a research project at SSU where we have interviewed X# of individuals that are undocumented and uninsured in Sonoma County. We received many comments that could help improve our health care system.

For instance, we had an uninsured woman that would rather pay the tax fee then pay for an insurance that would not cover her enough. She stated, “ work insurance covers so little, and once I went to the hospital I still had to pay my copay fees so I just got frustrated that I didn’t bother to pay for it anymore. So I feel that the best health insurance would be health care for all.” This woman stated her issues about health care she also gave her advice about what a good healthcare insurance can be.

Many individuals we spoke to said similar comments and concerns about how our healthcare insurance should improve. Indeed, as our president keeps saying the Obamacare should be abolished, then he should consider replacing it with something better that is going to help everyone in the United States.

Irma Saucedo
Rohnert Park