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Local Government Does Not Care
by Ross Galleto
Saturday Apr 22nd, 2017 3:22 PM
The amount that the local government ignores it's constituents is just as shameful as state and national governments ignoring us!
Local government does not care about the people it is supposed to represent. Recently, while conducting a county wide investigation on affordable housing and rent stabilization for a sociological article to be published, I reached out to numerous government representatives to include all Sonoma County Supervisors, Council members from the City of Rohnert Park and the city of Santa Rosa, and various state representatives for the Sonoma County area.

I received only three responses out of all of these people. In a time when our federal government is literally turning of the phones for constituents to reach them, one would hope that our local representatives would still have the interest of their constituents at heart. This is sadly not the case.

Moving forward we must take a closer look at the people we are choosing to represent our ideals, and how they are deciding to represent these, when they can’t find the time to respond or at the very least have an office assistant respond to our concerns and inquiries.

Ross Galleto
Santa Rosa