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Tactical Suggestions for Future Anti-Fascism Considerations
by Gaia Tyvek
Monday Apr 17th, 2017 4:06 AM
Successful activism can be seen in terms of non-violence, yet there can still seem to be success.
Find yourself where you are when your mind is silent. Stay there for now, stay there forever.

A relaxed mind is an alert mind.

A relaxed body is a relaxed one.

Strive to be a relaxed one - one without strife.

The group Saturday could have focused on this more closely.

The group could have attempted a more calm, or at least let's say, a more lower octane approach to Acton from MLK Park.

People worked together, but a defensive mindset didn't always prevail. The park`s parking lot was a narrow and risky approach to Center. However if the desired effect was to disrupt....

Moving on.

The AltRight men are in OK to good shape. To say the least. Like ants carrying larger objects, many hands make lighter the weight. Don't get flanked. Stay alert. Keep your eyes open. Look around. Be aware of your surroundings. Keep an eye out for the NLG, the person with the camera, females or activists who need special attention. Know who your real friends are.

People with cameras please stop putting activists at risk with your positioning of self, the media isn't a tactically operative defensive in itself. The media is a passive defense, but maybe not your defense at times. Let the media do their job, but keep an eye out for them nevertheless. We need them sometimes.

Please try to be more patient to the naive, if you aren't now you were once so. Don't be so proud, you know what I mean.

Don't allow the medical triage to be stranded or retreat late. We have a woman in serious condition now. We can't afford to be so naive, there isn't time. Bring back the medical triage to a fairer position, alert the NLG of the proxy immediately. Who stays to stand with the medics? A good place to regain calm if nothing else.

Take turns, don't be a vanguard. Practice self defense. Think on your toes. Take care of yourself.

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by Concerned
Monday Apr 17th, 2017 8:26 PM
I could totally picture the future where BAY AREA ANTIFA has organized itself into a mass recruitment effort where once only 50 to a hundred black bloc is now 1,500 on call to action locked and loaded to run fascists out of town. The crazy not give a fuck type of militants who don't care if people call them names like "vanguard." I can see that coming in the near future. It's sort of already in the works if you dig deep enough on the internet but many people shy away from this word vanguard still so progress takes longer. People really need to put away old beliefs, think outside the box and stop caring about what other people think about what they're doing cause the far right is fresh out of give a fuck and all out crazy right now.