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Nationalize Airlines to Stop Overbooking & Police Terror
by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Thursday Apr 13th, 2017 8:47 AM
The world is horrified at the American private profit airline system of overbooking, expecting enough no shows so that they can seat other people, such as employees, and the police state terrorism used to remove paying, seated passengers so other people can ride for free. Left unsaid is that this is crime of the private profit system mandating nationalization of all transportation, including air travel.
The latest horror is the forced, bloody removal of a 69 year old Chinese-American man on April 9, 2017 who, fortunately for him and his lawyers, is a medical doctor. His lawyers have already gone to court to preserve the evidence. See

In case you missed the terrorism for private greed, see

The arrogance of United Airlines, and the police state atmosphere in this backward country where the police routinely viciously attack everyone, using guns, fists, tasers, tear gas, batons, their leather shoed-feet and anything else as weapons, was such that the chief executive initially attacked the victim for being unruly, then tried to paint him as a criminal because they did not like his background which had absolutely nothing to do with their police state terrorism.

This is the nightmare of the private profit system, putting private greed before human need. Everything should be nationalized, and airlines can easily be nationalized right now. If you want to see a society where air travel is on a publicly owned airline where there is no such thing as overbooking to maximize profits, join the parties that oppose the greed of this bankrupt society, Peace & Freedom Party and the Green Party. You can register online for either one of these 2 pro-peace, pro-labor, pro-environment parties at
by Mike Holmes
Friday Apr 14th, 2017 11:22 PM
Do you really think Aeroflot in the Soviet days or the People's Republic of China's CAAC were that great? Both were nationalized and were among the worst airlines in the world for service!