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Interview with Cindy Schwartz: Jail Diversion Program Direction - Miami-Dade County
by WTUL News and Views
Monday Mar 20th, 2017 10:05 PM
Florida is not a medicaid expansion state but pre and post booking jail diversion programs for mentally ill people are alive and strong in Miami-Dade County. How are they doing it?
WTUL New Orleans News and Views DJ - I'm Under The Bus - interviews Cindy Schwartz who is the pre and post booking Jail Diversion Program Director for Miami-Dade County's Eleventh Judicial Criminal Mental Health Project under Judge Steven Leifman.

New Orleans, like many cities across the United States, is struggling with how to better treat and care for mentally ill people. The status quo of increasing homelessness, incarceration and death for this population is both inhumane and unsustainable.

Judge Leifman's persistent and hard work to reform Florida's and the Nation's mental health care policies to better serve those with the most serious mental illnesses is paying off.

One of his most impressive initiatives is readapting a 180,000 sq/ft abandoned psychiatric hospital as a diversion center for pretrial inmates including courtrooms built right into the facility.

Wanna know how they did it? Tune in to find out how the Miami-Dade Eleventh Judicial Criminal Mental Health Project are working to convert the abandoned hospital to help mentally ill people recover and give them their lives back!