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Suicided to death...Dr. Kelly...oil war press...2-28-17 Mouse Report
by DJ Mouse
Tuesday Feb 28th, 2017 3:59 PM
A million dead Iraqis don't lie...but Western powers go unpunished...except for the occasional our war machine lumbers down this road to hell...
...rolling over the bodies of obstacles Gary Webb, Danny Casalero and so many other murdered reporters and whistle blowers...UN weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly was 'suicided' by the UK government after the BBC documentary exposing that it had “sexed up” its dossier on Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction in order to sell the Iraq war to the public. He was found dead on Harrowdown Hill on July 18, 2003. It was ruled a suicide w/o blood at the scene, fingerprints on the knife or motive, in a police operation that began before he went missing...
by Union Jack Howley
Wednesday Mar 1st, 2017 5:07 PM
Unity Jack Howley soldierofthe whole world need and want to end the Weapons of Mass Destruction and their manufacturie before they are used detrimentally against the organic and inorganic webs of-life on the planet Earth. Liberation must proceed in due process towards ending all WMD--weapons of mass destruction before they are used. The first First Canadian Division explained that during the first world war.

The class conscious Canadian soldiers said to the German, French, English, and finally the American Imperialist troopers that the purpose of the liberation side is to dismantle the War Machine of Mass destruction before it is used. So that aggressive wars will never happen again.

The German, French, and English just laughed in the Canadian faces. Then when the American troopers arrived in 1917 the Canadian troopers again greeted them and told them that we are here to end the aggressive war machines before they are used against us. The Americans laughed in our faces and said they are just here to kill Germans. So much for the Imperialist Camp of Empires. They have their laughs, and now we can only ask the world again ' who in the world will have the last laugh' ?

Again our first Cdn. Divisiondoes not change the goals. The goal remains. Scrap the weapons of mass destruction before they are used against all the worlds ecological balances of the organic and inorganic webs-of-life, because to use them would possibly end life on the planet as we know it. We the peoples of the world in this day and age have full knowledge that the WMD in this time makes the weapons of the first two world wars look like pea shooters.

Lenin and the socialist camp held a meeting in Basle Switzerland in 1912 to say that all countries need to end the building and manufacturing of WMD before they are used. The Imperialist camp of empires did not listen then and unfortunately they have not learned the lessons of herstory and history to this day. Trumpordering more WMD is setting the stage for an even larger destruction than the previous two world wars. It should also be told that the WMD in the present numerous wars in the Holyland by the U.S. imperialist militaryaggressors is now even a nuclear war,and was so and is so today. It is not in some mythical distant future.

If war comes the liberation side will be joining in to end the weapons of mass destruction before the web-of-life is destroyed and no return to a livable planet is possible.

You yet have a world to win!! Double democracy in America by electing woman equally so the harmony and joy of the specie can return beforeit is to late. Re-tool to the renewables such as wind, tidal, and solar power that transforms to electricity and is more power than all the fossil fuels combined.

Voila! When woman makes half the laws on the planet being half the people wars of aggression would end and so would the pollution and degradation of life by the fossil fuels and nuclear fission atomic power plants. Workers of the world unite!!