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Everything You Need to Know About Milo and the Alt-Right in Berkeley

by It's Going Down
Milo Yiannopoulos is a 32 year man who has managed to gain wealth and fame off being an internet troll while mainstreaming the rise of the so-called ‘Alt-Right’ along with anti-feminist, anti-trans, and anti-Muslim beliefs.

Milo Yiannopoulos' talks at college campuses across the country have become flashpoints of physical confrontation between anti-fascists and a growing far-Right which is attempting to leave the confines of the internet and enter into the streets in the wake of Trump taking power. On January 20th, this struggle took a deadly turn, when a Milo, Trump, and Breitbart supporter shot and seriously injured an anti-fascist. Minutes after the shooting, a parade of Alt-Right trolls was quick to proclaim that the person injured was in fact a Milo supporter, and it took days for the truth to finally be reported correctly in the media. Even more disgusting, the shooter walked free after turning himself into the police, claiming that he thought that the person he shot was in fact “a white supremacist.” The police know what side of the barricades they are on, and quickly let the shooter go without even one charge.


Alt-right supporters of Milo carry a “Pepe the Frog” banner at Milo’s talk in Seattle. Richard Spencer, a white supremacist who coined the term “Alt-Right,” called Pepe the mascot of the movement.

It was also clear where many of those that came out to support Milo stood politically. The group of red hatted Trump supporters who came to support Milo in Seattle at the UW campus came with a banner of ‘Pepe the Frog, which Richard Spencer was attempting to describe as the unofficial mascot of the white nationalist Alt-Right before he was decked in the face a little over a week ago. This connection between Milo supporters and the Alt-Right only became more clear yesterday, when the Seattle UW College Republicans organized a support rally for Trump’s border wall, and on their flyer featured a cartoon ‘Pepe the Frog’ version of Trump, which is popular among various white nationalists and members of the Alt-Right.

Currently, Milo is also starting a campaign against sanctuary campuses with the help of long time conservative activist David Horowitz, which he claims will kick off at UC Berkeley. The purpose of the campaign is to act as an auxiliary force to the Trump regime and create a vehicle to harass, surveill, and deport thousands of undocumented students who are attending universities in the US. This is part of a broader attack upon those within higher education, which both Milo and Horowitz describe as being controlled by the ‘radical Left,’ and hostile to far-Right racists and sexists. Horowitz described the campaign on “the platform for the Alt-Right,” Breitbart:

The so-called ‘sanctuary movement’ is a concerted effort by left-wing administrations in major cities to thwart the purposes of the Patriot Act, undermine federal immigration law, and cripple the efforts of the Department of Homeland security to protect American citizens from terrorist threats. Thanks to the efforts of left-wing activists and administrators, this seditious movement has now spread to our colleges and universities.

This is a situation that cannot be allowed to stand. If the illegal immigrant’s first act on American soil is to break U.S. law, these university administrators are extending that lawlessness into society’s most important intellectual institutions. Our campaign will galvanize trustees, alumni and attorneys general to take action against these administrations which are thwarting American law and will also make this case to the American public whose taxes underwrite most of these institutions.

Those on the far-Right are now in a position to flex their power, not only with Trump in office but also with Milo’s former boss and editor of Breitbart, Steve Bannon, acting as the real power behind Donald Trump, a section of the Alt-Right has now become mainstream. Currently, Bannon is pushing a series of authoritarian and fascistic plans to roundup, deport, and intern massive amounts of people, while also putting into positions of power actual white nationalists, such as Julie Kirchner, at the head of Customs and Border Protection. Furthermore, Bannon sees the possibilities of Trump working in tandem with fascist groups in other nations, such as France’s National Front.

In the background, largely not discussed in the mainstream media, is the growing amount of far-Right violence that has grown in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, went into overdrive once Trump became President elect, and now is continuing and expanding under Trump’s reign. While the recent shooting at a Mosque in Quebec City has been one example that has gotten some news attention, other acts of terror have also been carried out, including an attack against a Mosque in Davis, CA in which a young woman broke windows, slashed tires, and left strips of bacon over door handles. Milo’s constant attacks on Muslims and Islam play a role in this growing wave of insurgent far-Right violence, as he has both mainstreamed and popularized both Islamophobia and calls for the removal of Muslims from territories that are under the control of Western States

For all these reasons and more, several thousand people are expected to come out to UC Berkeley in the hopes of shutting down Milo’s event, just as thousands of people across the US has already done so. But for those that do, there are several things you should keep in mind. Both in the dangers that the far-Right represents, and the illusions some still have about the role of the police. Hopefully this guide will help everyone stay safe, be victorious, and show Milo just how boring and un-dangerous he really is.

Milo is Being Hosted by the Berkeley College Republicans Who Have Clear Links to the Alt-Right

The Berkeley College Republicans, along with various Libertarian students, are hosting Milo as a speaker at UC Berkeley, have put up money to pay for extra security, and have ensured that the event will happen against massive pressure.


Jack Palkovic, an Alt-Right member of BCR

But while BCR portrays itself simply as youthful supporters of the ‘Grand Old Party,’ in reality they share more in common with many Alt-Right groups than neo-conservatives. About a month ago, an article was published by Northern Californian Anti-Racist Action, which detailed the clear links between current and former BCR members and the Alt-Right. This includes showing how various BCR members listen, subscribe to, and support various white supremacist and Alt-Right podcasts, share various Alt-Right memes, and also have connections to the white nationalist and Neo-Nazi group, Identity Evropa.


Some of the Alt-Right podcasts that Jack subscribes to.

BCR decried these claims, but also did nothing to either denounce the Alt-Right or show how the clear connections between Republican activists and the white supremacist movement was false. This position was also parroted by the school administration, the laughable student rag, The Daily Cal, who even described the report that simply compiled public information on social media as a “cyber attack,” and far-Right wing media such as Breitbart, which also employs Milo. Hilariously enough, one of Milo’s minions, Charlie Nash, who wrote an article that tried to put distance between BCR and the Alt-Right, it turns out follows many white nationalist, Alt-Right groups, and individuals on social media, only further showing how deep the cross over between fascists and the GOP has grown.

However the most clear connection between the Alt-Right and the BCR didn’t come until Trump’s inauguration on January 20th.

On January 20th, Neo-Nazi Nathan Damigo of ‘Identity Evropa’ Conducted a Livestream from the Berkeley College Republicans Booth on Campus with Full Support from the BCR

On January 20th, the Berkeley College Republicans put up a pro-Trump booth at UC Berkeley in a major plaza to celebrate their favorite billionaire being sworn into office. Standing alongside them was Nathan Damigo, who also conducted a livestream with Red Ice Radio, the ‘InfoWars’ of Neo-Nazism.


Matt Ronnau hangs out with white supremacist and Neo-Nazi activist Nathan Damigo of Identity Evropa, who was livestreaming from the Berkeley College Republican tent on January 20th

Being that Nathan Damigo helped organize a rally (which was attended by several members of BCR) with none other than white supremacist talking-head Richard Spencer, we find it hard to believe that the BCR members were unaware of who Damigo was.


Nathan Damigo interviews Naweed Tahmas for the Neo-Nazi media platform Red Ice TV.

Clearly, on a day filled with student walkouts and protests against Trump, they felt comfortable with him being there, as well as being interviewed for Red Ice. This clearly shows a strong connection between BCR and Identity Evropa, a connection that Damigo has bragged about on podcasts for some time now. Never has the link between the white supremacist Alt-Right and the more mainstream Berkeley College Republicans been more clear.


Just one of the gang, Nathan Damigo holds it down with the Berkeley College Republicans.

The Connection Between College Republicans, White Nationalists, and the Alt-Right is Not Confined Just to Berkeley

Most Milo tour stops are being organized by College Republican groups, but as with Berkeley, other cities also have clear connections between the Alt-Right and CR groups.

This includes the College Republicans of Seattle at UW; the leader of which, Jessie Gamble has established connections with white nationalists such as Jeffery Hughes and James Allsup, the later of which is also a college Republican organizer. James Allsup recently attended the Alt-Right ‘DeploraBALL‘ in Washington, DC, where he walked into a group of anti-fascists and got his ass kicked. James also works for various Alt-Right and white supremacist blogs and websites, and just recently interviewed Richard Spencer for a podcast. While Spencer was made famous for getting socked in the face, he first made waves last November when people gave the Nazi salute as he screamed, “Hail Trump!,” at a conference he organized in Washington DC. The conference was reportedly attended by upwards of 30 Identity Evropa activists, including Nathan Damigo. This clearly shows that the cross over between Neo-Nazis in the Alt-Right and college Republicans isn’t confined just to Berkeley.

Most recently, the college Republicans at UW not only put on a Milo event that ended in one anti-fascist getting shot, but also on Sunday, January 30th, organized a “pro-wall” “pro-ban” protest that was attended and supported by white nationalists. The flyer for the event featured a Trump version of the ‘Pepe the Frog’ meme which is popular among all sections of the Alt-Right, and encouraged people to bring bricks to donate in order to help ‘build the wall,’ along with coded language such as ‘globalism’ and ‘Western Civilization.’


Identity Evropa and Other White Nationalist Groups Have Been Using Milo Events to Recruit; Expect to See Them in the Crowd

While Milo claims that many on the Alt-Right and in white nationalist circles don’t actually like him (he is a quarter Jewish and gay), many on the Alt-Right see Milo events as an opportunity to recruit sympathetic members to their respective organizations. In a recent video, Richard Spencer even discussed his desire to organize a campus tour after seeing the potential to mobilize people around the “Alt-Right” by watching Milo’s current “Dangerous Faggot” tour. One of the groups in Northern California that has attempted to do this the most is Identity Evropa, which has been called a “front group” for Richard Spencer by other white supremacists.

Identity Evropa is a Neo-Nazi and white nationalist group which is headed by Nathan Damigo, an Oakdale, CA resident and current student at CSU Stanislaus. At recent Milo events, such as in Davis, CA, Damigo was present to promote his group, and even came back the next day after the event was cancelled and Milo called for a rally on campus in order to talk to students. Weeks before, the same campus was hit by white nationalist and Alt-Right flyers. Damigo usually roles with backup, so expect him to not be alone at any time.

Identity Evropa has held two rallies in the bay area in the past. The first was organized along with Richard Spencer, at UC Berkeley, and brought out around 20 white nationalists and Alt-Right supporters, including several members of BCR. Identity Evropa also organized a rally in San Francisco (that lasted literally 15 minutes and only had about 10 people there) against its status as a sanctuary city. We highly encourage people going to the protest as well as UC Berkeley students to study the pictures (click on above links) from both of these events, as we highly suspect that members of Identity Evropa, especially Nathan Damigo, will be present.

There is also a possibility that other Alt-Right white supremacists will be in attendance, as several have come out to recent SFO #MuslimBan protests, and Neo-Nazi, white nationalist, and Alt-Right flyers and stickers have continued to pop up in San Francisco and Berkeley. Look out for red hats, ‘fashy haircuts,’ and also pro-Milo people livestreaming – chances are they are part of the Alt-Right.

A Milo Supporter Shot an Anti-Fascist Protester in Seattle and Police Let the Shooter Go; Don’t Expect Cops to Be ‘On Your Side’

If you seriously haven’t woken up to the fact that police (anywhere) are not neutral and work for the State, are more than likely to be on the side of the Trump supporters, and would probably laugh at the idea of a Milo supporter shooting one of us – then it’s time to wake the fuck up and smell the fascism.

On January 20th, a protest against Milo’s speech took place in Seattle and led to heated clashes between anti-fascists and the far-Right. After several hours, one scuffle resulted in one anti-fascist being shot and the shooter (who later turned himself in), being let go without any charges by the police.

Several days later, fights broke out between anti-fascists and Milo supporters in Boulder, CO, as the police gave free range for the violence. One thing is clear: the police don’t care about us and are perfectly fine to watch us be shot, attacked, or stabbed by Trump supporters, Neo-Nazis, and the Alt-Right. This was the case in Sacramento last summer and it was the case in Seattle several days ago. The police aren’t on your side.

Also know that police are working closely with BCR for security and will attempt to stop disruptions at all costs. It is also no secret that the majority of police and border guard associations have all backed Trump. So…don’t expect anything from the police except pepper spray, a baton, and a felony charge. Anyone saying differently hasn’t grown up with or had the experience of dealing with police violence.

Milo Supporters Are Expecting Clashes and Fights and Are Coming Prepared; Be Ready to Defend Yourself

Alt-Right, Milo, and Trump supporters coming out to the event on Wednesday know that they will be walking into potentially thousands of angry people. We saw in Seattle that these people brought guns to the protest and were prepared to use them, and in the Milo protests since then, the far-Right has come ready to fight.

It goes without saying, but be ready to defend yourself. Don’t go anywhere or do anything without a team of people and a crew around you. Cover you face and wear a mask to avoid the police and the Alt-Right taking pictures of you. Don’t let your guard down and protect yourself and your friends.

Members of the Berkeley College Republicans Have Shown Up to Protest Meetings and Attempted to Intimidate Protest Organizers

In the past several weeks, members of BCR have done two things, complain that everyone thinks they are Nazis (wonder why?) and also show up to Milo protest meetings and harass organizers. This shows that members of BCR are attempting to stop people from taking action and scare them before Wednesday. Let’s show these meme frog fucks that we aren’t scared.

White Nationalist and Neo-Nazis Posters Have Been Found In the Area of Milo’s Talk Leading Up to the Event; They’re Getting Ready

As this text was being completed, people in the Berkeley area found white nationalist and Neo-Nazis posters, obviously put up in the general area where people are expected to be waiting in line to see Milo.

Their side is getting ready for a large scale event; will your squad be ready?

Liberals and Self-Appointed Student Leaders Will Attempt to Shut People Down from Taking Action; Don’t Let Them

Liberals love to claim that “fighting fascism is the real fascism,” just like much of the Right does. Whatever happens Wednesday, don’t allow liberals to shut you down. Either with calls for “non-violence” or attempts at creating a dialog between one side and the other, or because some youtube Gandhian scholar just knows what has to happen. Fuck all that noise.

Come with a crew, come with a plan, stay safe, leave your phone at home (bring a burner to communicate), and don’t take any shit.

This ain’t France, but we do think frog is on the menu.

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