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Against Trump or Against Capitalism?
by ICP
Tuesday Jan 17th, 2017 10:07 AM
Leaflet for J20
The election of 2016 represents the true contemporary existence of capitalism. Clinton’s manipulation of the Democratic primaries, the “leaks” by the Republicans, the Russian “hacks” and the manipulations against minority voters in many States. Here is your democracy. To the buyer beware!

Democracy is fascism, Fascism is democracy

All governmental positions taken in the present society are there to maintain the status quo of property relations. The only allowed question is how to best maintain those relations? That range falls between leftist populism and fascism. The decision of whether to have in place a Liberal populist of the FDR stripe or authoritarian populist of the Trump variety is a reflection of the needs of capitalism to deal with specific issues.

What remains is the need to prop up the dictatorship of capital – the system itself.

Community or Class?

All over the world, bosses and bourgeois governments of all colours attack the living conditions of the working class, because an in increase in the exploitation of it is the only real option they have to keep the capitalist economy holding together, as it is inevitably heading towards a breakdown and a world war between the States.

Likewise for racism, the question is not race but of class; and that’s why the immigrant proletarians should not be deluded that they can solve their problems by relying on abstract bourgeois ideals. To fight sickening racism with anti-racism, in terms of superficial moralism and respect of cultures, is not only helpless but is harmful because it does not challenge any of the profound material bases of this reactionary ideology. The only true anti-racist struggle is and will be the class struggle, because it unifies workers beyond races and nationalities, and it leads them to going beyond capitalism.


While it is an illusion for foreign workers to expect that racism is defeated through the abstract ideals of bourgeois equality, the class-conscious proletariat should embrace and sincerely welcome the struggle for total extension of civil and labour rights to anyone who sells its work force to Capital. To win this struggle, immigrants as well as native workers must recognize themselves as citizens of the single world class. As struggle that will have many facets but that can be pursued only within a strong class trade union movement, which must tend to be a single defensive front for the class struggle of the entire working class, either indigenous or migrant. A trade union organization that will fight against the threat of the loss of the migrant workers’ residence permit in case of dismissal.

Build working class resistance – Class unionism

Only the revolutionary movement of the proletarians of all countries, united in the same struggle against the common enemy, the bourgeoisie, will solve the problems of forced migration but also those of the exploitation of man by man, laying the necessary foundations for future Communist society.

Movements like Fight for $15 and OurWalmart have been positive for working class efforts to improve its conditions. But the benefits of these groups have been undercut by the needs of business unions such as SEIU and UFCW. These unions put their efforts into elections and not what workers can accomplish on their own efforts. So the significant efforts of Fight for $15 were diverted - pre-nomination! - to supporting the hostile to unions Hillary Clinton.

These days, ‘Class Unions’ like the ILWU, UE and IWW are needed – unions who are run by their memberships and who fight hard to the end for their causes. Worker Centers, like Coalition of Immokalee Workers and the Solidarity Network movement are also important movements building an independent working class resistance to immiseration.

Build working class resistance – Need for class party

A party arises out by the side of the working class when that expresses the class’ need to understand and react to what is happening. This party is the International Communist Party. If you are curious as to how to move the working class forward towards the transformation of society, please contact us.

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