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How Can Progressives Gain Leadership of the Democratic Party in California and Nationwide?

Thursday, January 26, 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Event Type:
Tom Gallagher
Location Details:
Unitarian Universalist Center, Fireside Room
1187 Franklin St. (Corner Geary Blvd.) San Francisco

Progressive Democrats of America– San Francisco free public forum
Speaker(s): Becky Bond, author of Rules for Revolutionaries; senior adviser to Bernie Sanders campaign; former political director, CREDO; others TBA

A grim new political reality confronts us: A right-wing, volatile and, by all accounts, incompetent President; Republican control of all three branches of government; and 32 states now under GOP administration. Clearly, the Democratic Party has lost more than recent elections: It has lost its focus and footing.

The time is ripe for a new generation of progressive activists, inspired by the values and vision of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, to replace the current oligarchy of mainstream corporate Democrats. What can we do at the grass roots level to make that happen?

Join us to explore how progressives can begin working during the Trump era, starting now, to take over the Democratic Parties of California and the country. What signs indicate that this change is already underway? What can we learn from experienced long-term progressive activists? How can we start building a united coalition, not just to mount resistance to the coming administration, but to effect long-term change? And where should we start pursuing these goals here in the Bay Area?
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by Norma J F Harriison (normaha [at]
Progressive maybe, but the result still goes to maintain the structure that is the cause of the horror, the profit system. Progressive now means ‘nice’ capitalism. You know that’s not possible. You’ve been passed enough marxist theory to know that. Nice capitalism would be socialism; – worker - us – controlled production, the floor of a just social system.
RUN FOR OFFICE. DECLARE COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM at the electoral podium. You know it’s time to teach what we all think and need to share – the end of thinking some people are better than others, deserve better in this world than others, and the raft of related principles.
Pick any non-partisan office – ask your city and county registrars and election departments what offices likely will be contested in the next voting season. You can opt for any of them. They all pertain to our central struggle: water, transportation, any aspect of production/business; communications, what passes for education… When we run for office we 1. Teach ourselves about holding the office; and 2. Teach our communities that we the people are altogether able to run our society.
Working to run for local offices – it does take time for about 3-4 months every two years. I pass out literature and commentary about my campaign all the time, though, non-stop. When it comes time to run for state and federal offices, join a party for socialism, what you really want.
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