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Obama's Platitudes can't whitewash his despicable legacy
by DLi
Thursday Jan 12th, 2017 4:27 AM
With a nauseating overuse of platitudes, POTUS 44 Obama tried hard to prettify his 8 years of sad and disappointing "legacy" in his Farewell Speech on Tuesday. But any objective look at this WHO(White House Occupier)tenure would rate his sickening administration with a "D" grade...
Any real measure of the Obama legacy would have to include: A)his massive "Carloads of Cash to Collapsing and Clunkered Capitalist Corporations(in the aftermath of history's greatest credit calamity. the Obama team committed over $28 Trillion via 0% loans and stock buyouts in 'Saving Private Capital'!); B)institutionalized the unaccountable drone killings and JSOC assassination teams on thousands of ciivilians in at least 7 countries. C)illegal spying on emails of hundreds of millions of citizens not suspected of any wrongdoing. On top of that, Obama "pivoted" to militarily provoke and confront China over the South China Sea, on which USA has no legitimate claims, and he cowardly avoided any clampdown on the widespread police violence against Black communities; plus not a single Wall Street bankster was prosecuted despite tons of evidence that those financial "masters of the Universe" were fully aware of--and profited handsomely on--the Ponzi scheme credit balloon that ultimately popped in 2008. Hence, all these policy disasters would exponentially outweigh the few environmental and perhaps healthcare "improvements" of his sorry administration. What a profound "Operation Enduring Fiasco" on his "Hope and Change" fake narrative.

On the other hand, as a smooth-talking Wall Street-Pentagon ruling elite's huckster, he probably received an "A minus" for his loyal service to his Imperialist handlers!

P.S. He didn't even deliver on his first official promise the first day he took office--to close the Gulag Americana torture chamber at Gitmo! What a sad sack example of his supposedly "compromising" tendency!
by Stephen Paulmier
Thursday Jan 12th, 2017 9:07 PM
I concur and offer the above url as further sober analysis of this issue.