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NUHW Pres. Rosselli On Union Democracy, ACA &Trump And Kay Walker On SFERS Hedge Fund Scam
by WorkWeek Radio
Wednesday Jan 4th, 2017 9:10 AM
WorkWeek on 1/3/17 looks at the issue of union democracy with NUHW president Sal Rosselli and what this means in the fight against Trump and protecting healthcare and immigrant rights. Next WorkWeek looks at the pension grab by the SF Police Officers Association SFPOA, Bob Muscat of IFPTE Local 21 and the Municipal Executives Association MEA who have united to turn over 25% of SFERS pensions to hedge funds. We also look at the role of former mayor Gavin Newsom and present mayor Ed Lee to give the pension fund to their hedge fund supporters. Ed Lee has appointed hedge fund speculator Wendy Paskin-Jordan to the SFERS board where she has personally benefited from the pension system investments.
NUHW Pres. Sal Rosselli On Union Democracy, ACA & Trump And Kay Walker On SFERS Hedge Fund Fight

WorkWeek on 1/3/17 looks at Trump the role of unions and union democracy with National Union Of Healthcare Workers NUHW president Sal Rosselli. He discusses the top down decision of most US unions to support Hillary Clinton in the primaries and also the labor management collaboration of the SEIU and other unions. He discusses the statement by AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka to support more labor management collaboration and supporting US trade wars for the profit of "democratic capitalism". Rosselli also discusses the coming attack by Trump and the US Congress on ACA and what unions should do to defend healthcare arguing that unions in California should support single payer and medicare for all. In California there is a super-majority of Democrats in the legislature and a Democratic governor. Next WorkWeek looks at the struggle of San Francisco City and County workers and retirees who are fighting against a take-over of the pension system SFERS by police and firemen who want to have 25% of the pension system invested in secret hedge funds. She discuss the role of former Mayor Gavin Newsom and present SF mayor Ed Lee in pushing the pension fund into speculative hedge funds despite the members opposing these investments. She also talks about the effort to remove SFERS board member Herb Meiberger and his opposition to hedge funds.

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§Hedge Fund Speculator Wendy Paskin-Jordan Supported By SFPOA & Bob Muscat
by WorkWeek Radio Wednesday Jan 4th, 2017 9:10 AM
Wendy Paskin-Jordan who is a hedge fund speculator and supporter of the SFPOA is supported by IFPTE Local 21 Executive Director Bob Muscat and the Municipal Executive Association MEA. She has benefited personally from investments by the city pension plan and has financial conflicts of interest. She also wants 25% of the pension funds in hedge funds which is supported by the SFPOA, Muscat and the MEA and their candidate SFPOA member and SFPD retired Capt. Al Casciato.
§AFL-CIO President Trumka Wants More Labor Management Collaboration
by WorkWeek Radio Wednesday Jan 4th, 2017 9:10 AM
AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka wants more labor management collaboration and supports US workers supporting the growing trade wars by being more competitive. He also supports continued support for the Democrats and the top down corporate structure of the AFL-CIO which prevented the rank and file from any vote on who to support in the elections.