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Freedom SleepOut #77: Sanctuary for the Local Homeless?
Date Tuesday December 27
Time 4:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location Details
At the edges of City Hall downtown along Center Street mostly between Locust and Church

The protest begins Tuesday afternoon and goes until mid-morning Wednesday.
Event Type Protest
Organizer/AuthorKeith McHenry (story by Norse)
Emailkeith [at]
While "mainstream activists" in the City and County gear up to resist Trump's "deport the undocumented" (building on Obama's record of 2 million+ deported during his two years), our own local refugees (perhaps you've heard of them--the homeless folks?) are demanding respect for their rights, health, and safety from marauding police, rangers, and security thugs in Freedom SleepOut #77. These displaced urban residents will be out on the sidewalk Tuesday night at the height of winter while those denouncing Trump (but implicitly supporting local Trumpism against the homeless) are away on vacation or snug at home in their beds.

The resistance meeting to defend the non-homeless undocumented locals happened last week (See "Santa Cruz Sanctuary Assembly" at So far none of these militant liberals have shown up on the sidewalk in front of City Hall at night.

Last week at SleepOut #76, activists John and Pat Colby reported heavy police harassment and ticketing shortly before 6 AM in the morning followed by ranger threats to seize "unattended gear" a few hours later with the intent of driving away those resting near City Hall. Homeless residents Lawrence, Sonny, and Eagle confirmed the raids. Monterey Max was also reportedly handcuffed but then released with a $200 "trespass" citation.

Meanwhile the community gives itself an annual pat on the back for the twice-a-year charity feeds for the festive Xmas season [See]

And, of course, there is the ritual annual commemoration the homeless dead [See] behind the locked gates of the grant-magnet Homeless (Lack of) Services Center.

Julie Shaul of RV Fulltimers [] reports she has received no reports of RV ticketing in the North County since the local Coastal Commission staff sent a letter to County staff in October.

That letter advised Sheriff Hart that the nighttime RV ban required clearance through the Coastal Commission, which had not even been notified back in March when the law was passed. Neither the Sheriff, the County Counsel, or the courts have offered to provide restitution to folks in RV's who were unlawfully cited. The Sheriff also refused to release their names.

Earlier the local Coastal Commission staff unsuccessfully rubberstamped the City's RV ban--a rubberstamp that was reversed by the full Coastal Commission in August on appeal from a constituent (Norse). Both the City and County bans are currently in limbo but not dead. It appears the CC staff may be huddling with the City and County staff to cook up new language to ban RV's in the dead of night by limiting the hours of the ban.

Report harassment citations and actions to Norse of HUFF at rnorse3 [at] Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom will be meeting 11 AM Wednesday December 28th at the Sub Rosa Cafe. HUFF and Liberation News plan a Saturday protest demanding justice for the killings of Sean Arlt and Luke Smith on Saturday 1:30 PM at the Town Clock.

City Councilmember and Former Mayor Chris Krohn will be on Free Radio Santa Cruz sometime between 6 and 8 PM on Thursday December 29th. The show will stream at and archive at . Krohn spoke out against the Sleeping Ban in his "coronation" speech on December 13th, but has not been involved in any direct actions or resistance in the past. Freedom Sleepers invite him to pull up a sleeping bag and a blanket to join the cold but unbowed veterans on the sidewalk.
Added to the calendar on Monday Dec 26th, 2016 11:10 PM

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by Razer Ray
Wednesday Dec 28th, 2016 6:41 AM
You're playing off the homeless against immigrant workers Robert.
You KNOW what political inclination has a history of pitting a nation's poor against immigrants don’t you?

by Bob Lamonica
Wednesday Dec 28th, 2016 8:04 AM
Robert Norse is correct about "mainstream activists." Around here, it's the Santa Cruz "Progressives," casting aspersions beyond the local application of values firewall, opposing Navy ship visits, enacting Nuclear Free Zones, championing Palestine, Cuba, gay rights and even pot, while being escapist cowards when abuse of power is exposed in their own backyard.

Robert Norse's "problem" is that he doesn't kiss enough ass. Imagine what positions of petty power over principle he would have amassed by now, not to mention groupie achievement awards, had he merely chosen to look the other way, and go along to get along.
by Razer Ray
Saturday Dec 31st, 2016 7:32 AM
[Image: "Activists"... They live! (to make money off your misery)]

I just called Robert out as to what his real politics are in my comment above. Further, he IS what passes for a mainstream activist around here. He's sooooo mainstream the shitty council is on a chatty first name basis with him. All you have to do is observe a city council meeting and you can see that.

The city council LUVS Robert you know? He's their "Flack". If anyone actually ever came along who really gave some teeth to homeless activism around these parts, the city council would simply say "The homeless already HAVE their activist", and point to the clown in the bathrobe.
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