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Through my eyes
by Roberto G. Carrillo (carrirob [at]
Wednesday Dec 14th, 2016 12:13 PM
An Op-ed for the brilliant Peter Phillips at Sonoma State University. This is just how I see things, but hey what do I know.

I am human being but sometimes I don’t feel that way. Why? I can’t say, really. I know I am a hard worker, an honest person; the type to buy a homeless person groceries; the type to help an elderly woman cross the street. But when you look at me I feel you don’t see that. I feel you see what the media tells you to see. Why do I feel you’re a drone? Because I know how I feel when I see you. I see judging eyes, I see hate, I feel your fear and anger towards me. When I look at you I see exploiters, slave masters, I see blue eyed blonde haired capitalist devils who would sell their own grandmothers souls to Beelzebub himself for a seat on the Senate. I see and feel all that, yet I do not act on it. Ill nod my head and say hi with a smile even if you ignore me or scoff at my kindness. I’ll offer my hand to pick you up when you fall even if you slap it away. And lastly I’ll educate your children in an unbiased way free from my own personal views and allow them to find their own morals and ethics. I’ll do this because we all deserve to be equal and because I don’t want to be like you. I’ve seen where your path leads and you’d be wise to remember that as well rather than deny it. Change is never too late.

Roberto G. Carrillo