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New Site to Make Donations to Great Orgs for People Raging About Trump
by Earl Carlson
Monday Nov 14th, 2016 9:32 AM
Lots of people are raging right now. We've been out on the streets and as we hear more about Trump's plans, it gets even scarier. Everyday it gets scarier. Over the weekend some friends got together to build to channel that rage to direct people to make donations to organizations fighting back.
When someone in a position of power challenges your belief in decency or equality, or when someone promises to make life difficult for you or the ones you love... It feels painful, it fills you with anger.

RageDonate harnesses the power of that anger to deliver real change. If words and actions make your blood boil, push a button to donate to a cause which directly benefits those under threat. It feels good, and it does good.

Over the weekend some friends got together to build this site to channel all this rage to organizations who will be fighting back against the hate unleashed by Trump. The site show statements from Donald Trump on different topics, such as immigration, crime, civil liberties. We're pairing each statement with a different organisation doing great work in that field. Find a statement that makes you really angry and hit the RAGE DONATE button to give to that organisation.

To fight against sexual assault, we’re directing donations to Project Callisto who help survivors face a system that is stacked heavily against them. Jess Ladd from Callisto said: “Sexual assault was an upsetting topic in the 2016 election. When leaders in positions of power disregard the need for consent, it’s undermining to all who have been impacted by sexual assault. For those looking to take a concrete action to fight sexual assault, Callisto's unique reporting system puts survivors in control from the moment they experience a trauma. Technology-based solutions like ours will help survivors gain credibility even when existing power structures intimidate them.”

To put an end to mass incarceration, we’re directing donations to LiveFree USA who fight systemic inequality and are committed to addressing the causes of pervasive violence and crime in our communities. Pastor Mike McBride, Director at Live Free, said: “Trump got elected talking about crime ‘in the inner cities’, this subtle language has deep racial significance. Our peacemaking and justice work is more important than ever as we ensure President Trump's policies don't result in more of our loved ones being locked up”.

To protect immigrants we’re directing donations to Define American, a non-profit media and culture organization that uses the power of story to transcend politics and shift the conversation about immigrants, identity, and citizenship in a changing America. Jose Vargas of Define American said: “The president-elect's rhetoric has given us no reassurance that constructive, empathetic, joint problem-solving is on the table. And so, no matter what, we want our undocumented brothers and sisters to know: you are not alone. We will continue fighting to lead everyone toward a place where we can connect with and inspire one another, instead of fearing those who are new to our communities. History has taught us that fear doesn't win in the end; love does. And it is in the name of love that we will continue to share our stories with one another; celebrate our differences; and defend one another's human rights, regardless of immigration status.” Define American is a critical pro-immigrant organization doing media and culture work nationally, their competitors have amassed incredible growth in the past few years. Anti-immigrant groups (that have been named hate-groups by SPLC and have strong white nationalist ties) like FAIR, CIS, and NumbersUSA were each jolted with millions leading into the election.

To protect free speech, we ask you to donate to Freedom of the Press Foundation. Executive Director, Trevor Timm said: "Every threat, every lawsuit, every subpoena, every prosecution, we will be there holding Trump accountable and upholding the First Amendment. Never has our nation faced such a grave threat to First Amendment rights and freedom of the press. If you care about the future of our country and an independent media, please support us on "

And to fight against Islamaphobia we’re directing donations to HateHurts, a project by CAIR-Arizona, to combat hatred towards Muslims. Imraan Siddiqui said: "Islamophobia is an undeniable phenomenon, and it affects not only the Muslim community, but Sikhs, Arabs, South Asians and other communities of color. In the aftermath of this election filled with constant fear-mongering and guilt by association of the Muslim community, it is no wonder that many in our communities are fearful of what's next. But we can't just sit back. We have to stand up, and document - and amplify the stories that many mainstream outlets fail to cover. Support our work at, and make a difference in the fight against hate.” spokesperson, Earl Carlson, a product designer in Brooklyn NY, “I am angry that we’ve elected a man unfit for office. I love this country and worked with my friends over the weekend to make sure that the people most at risk from Trump’s policies and the people he hires to enact them have a better chance of fighting back”.

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