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Yvette Felarca Defense at Berkeley School Board
by First Generation American
Thursday Oct 20th, 2016 5:26 AM
Yvette Felarca is a member of the Executive Board of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers. It is now 4 weeks since she was suspended. The attack on students by the Berkeley School District is described by Yvette. All immigrant students are being pulled out of class and being questioned about their country of origin in "progressive" Berkeley by the Democrats running the Berkeley School District. THIS IS A RACIAL PROFILING WITCHHUNT OF IMMIGRANTS AND FELARCA.
The 10/19/16 Berkeley School Board meeting is at
Yvette Felarca speaks at 55 minutes in tears.

The Berkeley Peace & Justice Commission has voted unanimously in support of Yvette Felarca.

Linda Halperin follows Felarca with an excellent speech in support of Felarca. She correctly compares the despicable witchhunt of Felarca to the 1956 attempt to integrate the University of Mississippi when a black person who attempted to integrate the University of Mississippi was expelled when the racists at the university objected to integration, the same as these Democrats on the Berkeley School Board are attempting to do to Ms. Felarca when it is their FASCISM that is the problem. The irony of course is that Felarca is teaching at a school named after a famous leader of the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King.

The Berkeley School District faces a union grievance and 2 lawsuits, state and federal. It is unknown how long the union grievance takes. If she is granted reinstatement and the School District appeals, it can take time. The lawsuits take time, especially if the Berkeley School District appeals any order for reinstatement. THE TAXPAYERS ARE PAYING FOR THE FASCIST ACTIONS OF THE DEMOCRATS SITTING ON THE BERKELEY SCHOOL BOARD.

Clearly, the 2 dozen hoodlums in sweltering hot Sacramento met by 400 anti-fascists including Ms. Felarca on her own time as she had a right to do are a comparatively minor problem. The ongoing fascism is being perpetrated by the Berkeley School Board, all Democrats.

Can you imagine the TERRORIST school district pulling 12 and 13 year old children out of class to interrogate them about their language, their immigration status, their parents' immigration status and whatever other hateful and COMPLETELY ILLEGAL questions the school district has INSTEAD OF TEACHING INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY AND PROVIDING SUPPORT FOR THESE CHILDREN? Can you imagine this happening to you when you were 12 and 13 years old? These children already feel vulnerable due to being immigrants or children of immigrants. They are still very young and small.

It is not Ms. Felarca that is the problem; IT IS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY MOUTHPIECE KNOWN AS THE BERKELEY SCHOOL BOARD, a bastion of reaction. So long as Ms. Felarca is not reinstated, the children will learn the lesson that all Americans should have learned long ago: The United States is utterly rotten. This writer is the first generation American born, of European descent, whose mother was in the last wave of European immigrants before 1950. This writer learned to vote only Peace & Freedom or Green due to the WAR AND FASCISM PERPETRATED BY NAZI USA, Democrats and Republicans together, instead of promoting peace, social justice, full equality, education, socialized medicine, abolition of the death penalty and the prison punishment system and the other needs and interests of the workingclass. This country is so backward that it still does not have socialized medicine and still has the death penalty; it still does not have federally mandated paid vacations and maternity leave, all unlike the rest of the industrialized world, including all of Europe. There needs to be a far stronger labor presence in support of Ms. Felarca at every single school board meeting.
§More audible video of school board public comments in defense of Yvette Felarca
by organize disobedience Friday Oct 21st, 2016 10:24 AM
The school board mic was not working well that night.

Video of relevant public comments with sound volume boosted:
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