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Scott Wiener's Legacy - A Century of Protest Undone
by BugEyedGoblin (spamcrapaddress [at]
Tuesday Sep 27th, 2016 7:25 PM
Video of how a city Supervisor overturned one of San Francisco's longest running traditions and oldest laws. NSFW for some. [5:57]
Scott Wiener moved to San Francisco in 1997 from a conservative town in Southern New Jersey. He became a member of the Board of Supervisors several years later and is currently running for Congress. He became infamous for banning nudity in San Francisco.
by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Tuesday Sep 27th, 2016 8:48 PM
First, Democrat Scott Wiener is running for an open seat in the State Senate, not US Congress. He is NOT challenging Democrat Nancy Pelosi for her congressional seat.

Second, Democrat Wiener had help from his fellow Democrats in this stupidity, namely Supervisors David Chiu (currently an SF Assemblyperson), Carmen Chu (currently SF Assessor-Recorder), Malia Cohen, Sean Elsbernd, Mark Farrell. See the 11/20/12 SF Examiner at: AS WELL AS THE SIGNATURE OF DEMOCRAT MAYOR ED LEE.

The Democratic Party is as much a reactionary party as the Republican Party, representing the same big business interests. The fact that Wiener is gay is irrelevant; he is a mouthpiece for the wealthy real estate and landlord interests, and so are his friends on the Board of Supervisors and the mayor. The real estate interests want to "clean up" San Francisco to maximize their profits and rid it of its radical, workingclass, irreverent past. The gay liberation movement, of which the whole nudity issue was a part, was not warmly embraced by the Democratic Party until 1980. See:

Wiener is also a proud supporter of Prop V, the grocery tax slush fund where the distributors of soda pop, namely the grocery store and restaurant owners, can and will pass the soda tax they pay onto their customers by charging higher prices on anything, and as is happening in Berkeley, they will raise food retail prices while soda retail prices will remain the same since soda pop brings people into a store and is the cheap beverage that goes with a restaurant meal. This money will by law go into a general fund to be used for anything, by definition a slush fund. Wiener is one of the 4 Horsemen and women of the Apocalypse supporting this regressive tax on the workingclass that will DEFINITELY INCREASE FOOD PRICES, along with Democratic Supervisors Mark Farrell, Eric Mar and Malia Cohen as well as their rotten Democratic Party. In addition to the 8 slick mailers from the No on V campaign you should have received if you are registered at your current address, you can read the ballot arguments pro and con at:

He is also a proud promoter of Prop Q, the anti-homeless tents measure and Prop R, a promotion of the police state with a "neighborhood crime unit." He is a staunch opponent of Prop D, which would free us from reactionary mayoral appointments who then run as incumbents for the Board of Supervisors.

If you have had enough of the Democrat-Republicans, please change your registration now to Peace & Freedom or Green. Please go online to register at

For more information, see (Gloria LaRiva for President with a serious socialist program)

and (Jill Stein for President)

Given this late date, it is probably better to go to your county registrar listed at:
Please also immediately sign up to be a permanent vote by mail voter so you can vote in the comfort of your home 29 days before election day and never forget to vote. Voting by mail in California starts October 10, 2016. If you moved, you must re-register.

by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Wednesday Sep 28th, 2016 7:17 PM
We are 6 weeks before election day and 2 weeks before Vote by Mail starts. Today's San Francisco Examiner had an article on Prop V, the slush fund grocery tax of 4 Democratic Party supervisors and endorsed by the San Francisco Democratic Party, under the guise of promoting healthcare and somehow eliminating soda pop, a beverage that is literally as American as apple pie. The proponents regurgitated their Big Brother healthcare sales pitch for their slush fund, and it was clearly supported by the Democratic Party mouthpiece, the San Francisco Examiner. THEY HAD THE NERVE TO REPEAT THE LIE THAT IT IS BIG SODA AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF SAN FRANCISCO WHEN IT IS IN FACT BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF SAN FRANCISCO.

The criminality of the Democratic Party of San Francisco has no limit with this slush fund, and their contempt for all of us in bringing this garbage to us for the second time in 2 years, this time having the whole bonanza for their cronies go directly to the general fund so they only need 50% plus 1 vote to pass or fail instead of the 2/3 vote they needed in 2014 when they designated their beneficiary cronies, should be defeated with at least a 70% No on V vote, BETTER IT SHOULD BE 90% NO ON V vote. The fact that they have various American medical organizations promoting this racket means that private profit medicine needs to be abolished in favor of socialized medicine. These medical organizations are proud promoters of private profit insurance driven "medical" care. They have no credibility whatsoever. THE REASON ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS IN SAN FRANCISCO WERE ELECTED WAS TO HOUSE THE HOMELESS, not to promote regressive taxes and slush funds like Prop V. Since they all have completely FAILED TO HOUSE THE HOMELESS, THEY ALL SHOULD RESIGN TODAY.