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The History of Socialism in America from Robert Owens to Bernie Sanders
Date Sunday June 05
Time 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Location Details
Niebyl-Proctor Marxist Library
6501 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland (just North of Alcatraz Ave.)
Event Type Class/Workshop
Organizer/AuthorGene Ruyle
Emailcuyleruyle [at]
Sunday Morning at the Marxist Library

The History of Socialism in America
from Robert Owens’ utopian experiment in 1825
to Bernie’s political revolution of 2016.

As a democratic socialist, Bernie Sanders is leading a political revolution to transform a political system run by the billionaire class into one that represents working and middle class Americans and creates more opportunity for everyone. This workshop will take a closer look at Bernie’s socialism by placing it within the global context of two centuries of struggle against the capitalist system. This will allow a better understanding of how Bernie has adapted socialism to the United States in the Twenty First Century.
A PowerPoint presentation by Eugene Ruyle,
Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, Cal State, Long Beach.

Sunday, June 5, 2016 - 10:30am to 12:30pm
6501 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland (just North of Alcatraz Ave.)

Seating is limited, so plan to come early. We start promptly.
FREE - but hat will be passed for donations to NPML

About Sunday Morning at the Marxist Library
A weekly discussion series inspired by our respect for the work of Karl Marx and our belief that his work will remain as important for the class struggles of the future as they have been for the past.

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Added to the calendar on Monday May 30th, 2016 8:47 AM

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by Register Peace & Freedom or Green
Monday May 30th, 2016 9:41 AM
Sheepdog Bernie Sanders is not a socialist; he is a warmonger. It is unconscionable that this stupidity is allowed at a Marxist library. Since Gene Ruyle has some problem reading the information on this website, the dripping water, repeat routine is apparently required. REMEMBER: WE CANNOT HAVE GUNS AND BUTTER AND THEREFORE SANDERS' SPEECHES ARE ALL A LIE SINCE HE HAS NO PROGRAM TO SHUT DOWN THE MILITARY AND TRANSFER THE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS GIVEN TO THE MILITARY TO ALL THE EDUCATION, HOUSING, HEALTHCARE AND SOCIAL SERVICE BUDGETS. Obama just gave $1 TRILLION to the nuclear weapons section of the military with no protest from Sanders. This is not a political revolution; this is the latest con game the Democrats ALWAYS PLAY to make sure people vote Democrat instead of socialist or Green. He has stated that he is willing to be millionaire, warmonger Hillary Clinton's running mate! See

THIS IS NOT A WEAKNESS; THIS IS A FUNDAMENTAL POSITION. The question must be asked, who is Gene Ruyle? Yes, we have read the online information. However, there is something going on as allegedly educated people are supposed to be able to analyze. Signing people up to vote who NEVER READ ANYTHING is real easy in a backward country like the US. That is not a revolution. People who claim to be independent are signing up for George Wallace's segregation party, the American Independent Party, without bothering to read the history of this party and without carefully reading the listings of parties and No Party Preference option on the voter registration form. We live in a country where people have to be spoon fed everything as despite the fact that 87% of American adults have a computer and 98% have a cell phone which is a small computer, they do not bother to research political parties and people, which can be done instantly, in seconds.

In case anyone is wondering as to the definition of a socialist, socialists call for the ABOLITION of the profit motive, which only a labor movement can do. Thus, socialists always call for the ABOLITION of the stock market and private ownership of the means of production, for a start. Socialists are also always FIRST AND FOREMOST ANTIWAR since the military only exists to maximize the profits of the oil companies and munitions makers, where the greatest profits are, maximization of profit being the primary goal of capitalism, the bankrupt social order in which we live.

If 68-year-old Clinton chooses 73 year old Sanders as a running mate, we will witness possibly the Speaker of the House, Republican Paul Ryan becoming president as anything that can cause a person to not be able to function can happen to old people. After the Speaker, there is the President Pro Tem of the Senate, Republican Orin Hatch. For the line of succession, see

If you are over age 60, you are old. There is no such things as the "60 is the new 50" garbage. Ask your doctor. Hillary Clinton already has problems with fainting spells. See

Sanders' raspy voice means that his lungs are very weak, common among old people.

Neither Clinton nor Sanders is doing anything to change the composition of the US Congress. All money bills originate in the House. If there is no majority in Congress for promoting the needs and interests of the workingclass, Sanders' speeches are a lie.

Bernie Sanders, the Democrats' latest sheepdog, is a warmonger. He started by supporting military contractors in Vermont and everywhere else. He always supports the military budget including Israel, which he supported during Israel's 2014 Gaza massacre. He supports the encirclement of Russia and Nazi Ukraine, as do Clinton and Trump, and no later than when Clinton takes office, if not before, this country will be bombing Russia. Will the Sanders supporters be protesting the bombing of Russia? Have they learned that we cannot have guns and butter and therefore all of the proposals of Sanders to reform capitalism cannot be delivered so long as the war machine exists? Here is more on warmonger Sanders.

Democrats' Warmonger Sheepdog Bernie Sanders claims the US targeted assassination list is legal, a lie, and supports US troops in Syria. See Bernie Sanders Says US 'Kill List' Legal, Backs Troops in Syria, 4/26/16 at

Cindy Sheehan, a Peace & Freedom Party candidate in the past, has compiled the reactionary voting record of Sanders on 2/17/16, "Confessions of a Real Socialist" with lots of links at:

Barry Bush has his own listing of reactionary Sanders votes at:

See photos & article at Bernie Sanders Loves This $1 Trillion War Machine by Tim Mak, 2/8/16 at

The Myth of Bernie Sanders
by Thomas H. Naylor in Counterpunch 9/30/11 at (read about his support of military contractors in Vermont)
Bernie Sanders Is a Russia-Bashing, Pro-Israel, Militarist Tool at
He also called Hugo Chavez, the late leader of Venezuela murdered by the CIA, a communist dictator, standard US capitalist war machine hatemongering. See
US Presidential Candidates Demean Muslims and Hugo Chavez by Steve Lendman, 9/19/15 at

His support of US imperialism is outrageous and unconscionable. See
Does Bernie Sanders’ Imperialism Matter? by Shamus Cooke, 1/5/16

In every presidential election where there is no Democratic incumbent, the Democrats have a sheepdog to make sure the workingclass does not vote socialist or Green and delivers votes to the Democrats, the twin war and fascism party of the Republicans, in the November general election. That is the only reason the Democrats exist: to make sure the workingclass never votes Red or Green or just does not vote at all.

The Black Agenda Report of May 6, 2015 has a good description of all of the Democrats' sheepdogs at

There is a socialist party on the ballot, namely Peace & Freedom Party. You can register online at

The Green Party is not socialist, but in states where there is no socialist party, there is a socialist caucus in the Green Party.

For more information on the only pro peace, labor and environment parties, see: (Gloria LaRiva for President) (Be sure to read her serious socialist program.)
and (Jill Stein for President)

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