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Proposed city ordinance would reform marijuana prohibition in New Orleans
by WTUL News and Views
Friday Mar 4th, 2016 7:02 PM
Interview with Kevin Caldwell - Executive Director of CommonsenseNOLA - a marijuana reform advocacy organization. Listeners learn about why a proposed city ordinance that would reform marijuana prohibition in New Orleans is needed. Discussed are issues of racial equity, summonses, citations and the negative economic and humanitarian impacts of high bonds amounts on poor people who have committed low level non-violent offenses.
New Orleans Councilmember Susan Guidry has put forth a city ordinance that would reform marijuana prohibition in New Orleans. It would replace arrests with civil fines similar to a parking ticket and it gives amnesty to medical patients with a doctor’s recommendation. The civil fines are $40 for first offense, $60 for second offense, $80 for third and $100 for subsequent offenses. Currently a first time offender with a municipal summons the fines and court costs between $500-$931. This would be a huge step in sensible marijuana policy in our City.

Kevin Caldwell is asking people to please reach out, via email or a call, to their council person and the two at large members (Jason Williams and Stacey Head) to ask their support for the ordinance to reform marijuana prohibition in New Orleans. Four of the Councilmembers have been getting a lot of positive responses but three have not been getting a lot of calls/emails.

District D Jared Brossett (Gentilly) 658-1040 councildistrictd [at]
District C Nadine Ramsey (Algiers/FQ/Marigny) 658-1030 councildistrictc [at]
District E James Gray (NO East) 658-1050 jagray [at]

Kevin is calling on people to get friends to call too so that community voices are heard!

For more information:
Facebook: [The best way to see most current updates]
Twitter: @CommonsenseNOLA.