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Psychopaths at the Top
by RGC
Thursday Feb 25th, 2016 9:55 PM
We are all more endangered than at any time in human history due to psychopathic influences at the apex of the political machine.
The GOP is dangerously rabid and the Left has moved so far to the right, it no longer exists. What passes for 'progressive' ideology today, equates to what would be considered semi-hardline conservatism 35 years ago.

The type of fascism that the U.S. right wing has created [actually re-created utilizing Nazi techniques] and normalized, has now gone global and we are witnessing a plethora of psychopathic personalities dominating positions of great power all over the planet.

This trend is making every living being in our world susceptible to a massive societal and ecological collapse which is well under way.

The deck is currently so stacked in favor of world totalitarianism -- for the first time in human history, driven by so-called Western 'democratic' nations, with the U.S. leading the pack -- that there is little remaining which embraces sanity, ethics or common sense; basic tools for maintaining the structure of a functioning society. The bar for decent, responsible human behavior has been set so low by our 'leaders' that it now resides in a trench.

Historically during war, there was always somewhere to escape to for individuals who could see the writing on the wall and had the means and connections to flee.

Where does one run when victimized by an eternal global war? By wars which will only escalate given the real reason behind them -- personal greed and an unquenchable lust for power. Trillions of dollars are being made [and stolen] by each cog in the machine of 'The War on Terror'. A war which was initially fabricated and eventually made real by the profiteers and power brokers who perpetually stand to gain the most. And more are joining this legion of blood soaked psychopaths every day. It is for this reason that we can all expect continual war stretching into infinity; with unending technological horrors and manufactured plots invented to keep advancing the agenda of killing, chaos, militarization and obscene profits.

In the U.S. we've had psychopaths and morons at the helm before. Their influence somewhat tempered by others on the periphery with more rational thinking and common sense. Those people of conscience have all been purged by design and only the brains of festering lunatics remain at the top. Bat shit crazy has gone mainstream. Sanity has been replaced by amoral, mentally disturbed individuals with no real grasp of the consequences of their irrational actions; a proliferation of macho swagger and itchy trigger fingers make the likelihood of nuclear conflict one in which it becomes a matter of when, not if.

These psychopaths and idiots have been elevated to hero status. It appears that the more violent, aggressive, outrageous, compassionless and dim-witted an individual is in our society, the better the chance s/he will see their power and popularity skyrocket. The march toward madness appears not only acceptable to the throngs, but inevitable.

We are in more danger as a species than at any time in our existence. People are not just dumbed down, they're unconscious and surrounded by a deadly cloud of delusion. Critical thinking has ceased to exist for the majority. It has been replaced by a type of communicable dementia which is spreading with pandemic efficiency.

Who in their right mind willingly supports a criminal political machine [referring to both Republicans and right-wing Democrats] which is hell-bent on destroying women, children, seniors, the physically and mentally challenged, gays, ethnic and gender minorities, and annihilating our environment? Even the Mafia takes better care of their families than this corrupt, evil monstrosity.

It is truly disgusting to see women leading the assault on the basic rights of other women as they support the rampant misogyny of male politicians. And quite bizarre to try and understand how any black man or woman would join those who have historically denied them every right imaginable. The level of self-loathing must be astronomical for gays embracing a right wing ideology which is equivalent to handing a gun to your attacker to finish you off. These types of enablers, working against their own best interests, embody a peculiar type of mental illness, and their numbers appear to have grown into a majority voice.

We should be enraged when so many have-nots defend a capitalistic system rigged by the country's elite, to strip them of the basic right to live without groveling. These poor souls actually believe they will have a chance at the American Dream. Most don't seem to understand that the 1% didn't earn their money, but inherited it -- and continue to rig the system to make it easier to keep that money by stealing it from the middle class and poor. Granted there are real success stories out there, but in reality, most people will work their fingers to the bone and die before achieving such opulence.

We have been programmed to defend and protect those who are responsible for enslaving us. Led around by the double digit IQ's of nit-wits who vehemently reject truth and make no apologies for a constant barrage of outrageous lies concocted to further their nefarious agendas.

Fed by cronyism at the top, leadership roles and positions of power are doled out according to monied and political connections. Usually going to the most brain dead, irrational, corrupt individuals possible. People who have no background, training or skills -- not even a basic knowledge of the positions they fill.

The Right's propaganda machine has been wildly successful with smearing any system which offers a shred of real equality to the masses. They effectively prey on the ignorance of Americans to keep them paying homage to the same people who are killing them.

Democratic Socialism has been in place within Scandinavian countries for several decades and has a track record for having the highest standard of living in the world for ALL of its citizens -- not just the privileged few. Yet it continues to be publicly maligned in the U.S. corporate-controlled media as 'communism' and 'fascism.' Buzz words which the elites know will strike terror in the hearts of the uninformed. [Ironically, the people behind this disinformation are the true fascists.]

A significant part of Bernie Sanders' political platform should include informing the American people about Democratic Socialism. And that knowledge needs to be continuously disseminated and reinforced so the public can ultimately understand and fully appreciate what such a system offers. This article is a good start for those who want to learn more:

This country has reached a tipping point. It can no longer withstand the overwhelming onslaught of stupidity, moral decay, mental illness and corruption infecting the White House and every legislative and judicial body across the land.

Lest you believe this to be an exaggeration, consider a bill which just passed the House of Representatives [62 to 36] in Iowa which allows one year old babies to handle and fire weapons. The sick Republican moron sponsoring this piece of garbage, Rep. Jake Highfill believes this type of
insane legislation will further advance Second Amendment rights. My question is: who will protect the rest of society from him and the other drooling, psychopaths commandeering positions of power in American politics?
Some background on the stellar character of Jake Highfill -- this case was settled out of court:

No candidate likes to face a lawsuit heading into an election, and the allegations found in this court filing are doozies.

A lawsuit filed against Iowa House District 39 Republican nominee Jake Highfill claims that he brought a shotgun to a college party, argued with his roommate during the event and smashed a glass bottle across the man's face, permanently disfiguring him.

Highfill denies any wrongdoing.

The lawsuit filed in Polk County District Court claims Highfill assaulted his roommate and lifelong friend, Carson Kness, at the University of Iowa by striking him with a glass bottle.


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