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Gene-Altered Salmon; The FDA is not credible
by Summer Mayne
Tuesday Dec 15th, 2015 9:43 PM
This is a Letter to the Editor in response to an article published by the Press Democrat that discusses gene-altered salmon as a solution to our current over-fishing epidemic.
Opponents of the genetically altered Salmon initiative have every right to be skeptical because in fact the FDA has been “in cahoots” with the food and drug industry for years. In 1990, the Monsanto Corporation fought for the approval of Posilac, an artificially manufactured form of bovine growth formula used in cow’s milk production. Even though Posilac had been proven to cause prostate and thyroid cancer, the FDA still approved it and none of this information was available to the public until 1998. Sound fishy? Plus, not only did they keep the public ignorant to their own food consumption, but BGH is also banned in the whole European Union in addition to Canada and Japan and both the World Trade Organization and The United Nations Food Standards Body refuse to endorse the hormone’s safety. The FDA Commissioner at the time of Posilac’s approval was also a lawyer for Monsanto which surprise, surprise is the company who was fighting for it’s support. If people weren’t uncertain of the FDA’s endorsements and approvals at this point then our country is worse off than I thought.

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