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Justice for Mario Woods! Shut it down!

Friday, December 18, 2015
6:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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Justin Herman Plaza


Shut it down for Mario Woods. Wear black.
Added to the calendar on Sat, Dec 12, 2015 1:29PM

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by Just Asking
What are you shutting down at 6 p.m. at the end of the work day, on a Friday night, the end of the workweek, and for those who get vacation, the beginning of a two-week vacation, by gathering in the Financial District, which will be mostly empty by 6 pm? Further, why do you care what people wear? Considering it is night, almost the longest day of the year, black is not visible at night. Only labor can shut anything down with a strike. What are you shutting down?
by just answering
only labor can shut anything down with a strike? enjoy your 19th century marxism on your vacation and let the youth do what they will...
by Organize Labor
At 6 p.m. on a Friday night in the Financial District a week before the Money Season garbage, you and the police will all that there will be in that area. This sounds like a provocation. Just as you cannot escape science, including Newton's physics which demonstrates that 9/11 was an Inside Job, you cannot escape economics. Profits are all the capitalist class cares about and is why they hire the police to terrorize the workingclass so as to prevent labor organizing and maximize their profits. If you want an end to police killings, you have to abolish the profit system which only a labor general strike can do. We, the workingclass, are mostly young, about half of whom are under age 40 in a society where life expectancy is 76-82, as the old, over age 60, retire as soon as possible. See There is nothing new under the sun. The name of the game is always money.
by Ateam
Its a fair question to ask what one intends to shut down on a Friday evening, although it's equally fair not to disclose those plans online..

But seriously, fuck right off with your class reductionist workerism. It's outdated (like other commenter said) and also kind of racist (erasing any understanding of white supremacy.)

So, to summarize: fuck off.
by g
yo lets take the bay bridge
by alani (ntawls [at]
I and other families whose loved ones have been murdered by police do not support this action. This group is posting all over social media stating the family said to, "Tear It Down" knowing that the police monitor social media. The family is grieving and burying their murdered loved one, and have not spoken out. I support peaceful productive protests but this is not one of them. It is a group that will come out, "Tear Shit Down" and have the media and public blame it on the family. It is shady because they are not disclosing who they are but are using the pain and grief of a family to push forward their own agenda!
There are very often actions held in response to police murders that are not organized by grieving families. And that's okay.

While it is decent and good to show respect for and hear family concerns, the movement for justice against police violence is bigger than any single family that has lost a loved one. In fact, it has to be. One family alone cannot fight the immense powers that be.

Families have their own personal issues to deal with, from dealing with disrespectful and lying police after a murder on one end to lawyers primarily focused on achieving justice through civil suits on the other, not to mention simply making it through the intense grief and other emotions, surviving one day at a time.

Families: don't let the police, the corporate media, or anyone else tell you that you are responsible for the actions of others as they protest police murder. It's just another lie and you are only responsible for yourselves.
by DNT
Wear black.
Folks from the neighborhood don't do dress up for this kind of s--t. It sounds like more of a costume party, than a real protest.
by Pro
You have never been to a protest against police violence where the victim's family has called for people to wear black?

You are a novice.
by DNT
Except for maybe that one comment that urges people to let the family speak for itself.
by ki
saying you didn't hear from the family is implying that the absence of their approval is the same as the presence of their disapproval and thus you are putting words in their mouth just as much as anyone else you are accusing of speaking on their behalf. take your own advice and let them speak for themselves.
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