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Obama asked to abstain from handshake with child misuser
by Hermann Otto Kant-John
Tuesday Oct 6th, 2015 5:11 AM
It is a long dark story dating back into the days of the iron curtain and the Krakov evangelisation movement, and a more than sad one for too many souls silenced by the careers that paved their way through their lives. It involves seniors talking like child actors losing the distinction between stage and street, and the aborted land reform in the aftermath of the centuries-lasting warlord rancher system the „Wetland Crusade” had left behind in the Northern European Plains to catch up with its own immense biodiversity degradation impact. In short, it is the story of a man whose disproportionate grudge against Stalin, like Heinrich Marx´ grudge against Napoleon, misled him from small to big community roles without developing a sense of the meaning of dimension.
Such as dissidents behind the iron curtain would not have recognised the later shake-up of traditional churches in Western Europe by the abuse scandals as a realistic risk, the ensuing scrutiny did never extend to the branches independent of Rome in the former Soviet bloc, who grouped around John Paul II. and Lech Walesa as well but went back on their own paths once the wall had come down. Especially there has been no comparable screening of these groups´ respective pasts, although many of them have been in influential roles in the handover of government buildings and administration issues from the Eastern to the Western regime, unloading their sense of rivalry in the „Rosenholz Files“ scandal.

But where the experienced hitch-hiker were to carefully put aside the thorny twigs to sting up the kettle to the boiling point, even the coolest heads among the Krakow crusaders failed to produce a workable solution.

The evidence offered in form of the files that the transition procedure had been externally penetrated was undeniable, but with a state which treated churches like national parks closing down, for some of the characters consumed by the movement´s sudden rise there were few other career opportunities of the same worth aside their way. As a result, the freedom movement of the East with its candles failed to lighten the big torch of freedom for the entire country. The Eastern spy files were handed over, cautiously opened in redacted form, but not so Western ones of the same time, making national holiday appear like a marriage party where only the poorer side brings presents. The resignation of Benedict XVI. finally killed the last traces of Krakov.

That the movement went on beyond the fall of the wall and even the death of John Paul II. in a kind of „unalive“ form expressed itself in the fact that it were not its defining leaders but its community organisers who took the opportunity to put themselves in charge of the penetrated transition, or more precisely into the positions allowing them to pretend to do so. In the ensuing twenty years Germany became the first country whose head of domestic intelligence resigned for health reasons amidst false flag scandal (culminating in the Kisswetter case). An attention-whoring community organiser from the rubble of the spent movement had taken up the role of the country´s acting President.