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Campaigning for 15 Now Tacoma
by John Reimann (1999wildcat [at]
Wednesday Sep 30th, 2015 9:01 AM
Report on campaigning with 15 Now Tacoma - the only 15 Now initiative that would actually raise the minimum wage to $15/hour NOW.
Over this last weekend, I was up in Tacoma helping 15 Now Tacoma campaign for their initiative. Among other things, Initiative One not only really calls for an immediate $15/hour minimum wage (as opposed to in two to seven years from now), it criminalizes wage theft. That’s huge. After all, if a worker steals from the boss, that’s a felony, but if the boss steals from the worker (by not paying him or her the right amount), that’s not even a misdemeanor.

On my first full day there, we went to a blood donation center. That’s where the capitalists literally get their pint of blood — workers who are so broke that they have no other means of eating but to sell their blood. Within a few minutes, the manager of the blood center was out harassing us and telling us we couldn’t distribute our literature there. Shows how much the capitalists believe in freedom of speech!

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