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Animal Rights Movement Reaches A New Level of Critical Mass As Lion Murderer Goes Into Hiding

by ARC
It's time for Africa and the world to ban trophy hunting.
2 Boston radio stations, WGBH and WBUR, in programs The Takeaway and The World, on the 29th and 30th gave air time only to defenders of the trophy seeking murder of animals. The host of Takeaway referred to the murdered lion as 'game'. The worldwide animal rights movement has reached a new level of critical mass. The New York Post headlined that the thrill kill murderer of Cecil the lion was the most hated man on the internet.

Walter Palmer, poacher and sadist, has gone into hiding after he, a dentist of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, paid $50,000 in a Zimbabwe hutning safari. Cecil, a beloved lion, was lured off of a sanctuary by bait. Palmer then shot him with an arrow from an extremely highpowered bow, and tracked him for 40 hours of Cecil's suffering, finally shooting him with a rifle. Then he cut off Cecil's head and skinned his body, while trying to remove the GPS collar which Oxford University (a vivisection university) had placed on him. Palmer claims that he did not know he was acting illegally. His 2 Zimbabwe guides have been arrested taking the fall for Palmer's savagery.

The Safari Club gives special membership awards not to hunters who have murdered 300 animals but to those who have murdered 300 species of animals. Norman Schwarzkopf, another who loved to kill animals and one of the operatives executing G H W Bush's Highway of Death in Iraq, qualified for that special Safari Club membership

The Safari Club International recently had more than 50,000 members and 180 chapters.

Billionaire Dan Duncan, Safari Club member, was stopped in Russia in 2002 after breaking their law by a. aerial hunting and b. murdering an endangered species bighorned sheep. He, like Palmer, claimed he did not realize he was acting illegally.

From Wikipedia: "Duncan owned the Double D Ranch, a 5,000-acre hunting property in Texas. Duncan was a Safari Club International member who has been given numerous awards for his (serial murders.) In 2006, he received the SCI World Conservation Hunting Award, which requires a hunter to have hunted on six continents, and have received SCI's 13 "Grand Slam" awards, 22 "Inner Circle" awards, the Fourth Pinnacle of Achievement Award and the Crowning Achievement Award. Duncan has 407 entries in SCI's trophy record book, including records for killing lions, elephants, rhinoceroses, a polar bear, and other animals." "In 1979, when SCI was fairly new, it sought government approval to import 1,125 trophies from 40 different species (gorillas, cheetahs, tigers, orangutans, snow leopards, and others) into the US for "scientific research and incentive for propagation and survival of the species." Because the animals were to be hunted, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service denied the request". "In 1994, SCI successfully lobbied for a change in the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act 1972 to allow for the importation of previously banned sport-hunted polar bear trophies into the United States from Canada."

G H W Bush was the keynote speaker at a Safari Club convention. His son George Bush, announced the Safari Club, would be given a 'governor of the year' award.

Walter Palmer, the murderer of the lion Cecil, has killed many kinds of animals, including, poster believes, a cheetah.

It is time for African nations and all the world to ban thrill of the kill hunters.

Walter Palmer was accused of sexual harassment in the past. If he was guilty, the incident serves to connect violence to animals with violence to women.

Photo is of a Safari Club convention in Dallas.
Jimmy Kimmel opposes hunting lions Jimmy Kimmel
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Rich American tourists kill hundreds of lions a year
Wikipedia.. small report on Safari Club
Humane Society urged Gov Bush to reject Safari Club award
Steven Chancellor of Indiana fought to bring back lion hunting in 2001 Steven Chancellor of Indiana fought to bring back lion hunting in 2001
Palmer accused of sexual harassment If this was upheld, it links his violence toward animals with violence toward women.

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