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Roy Kaylor - Court Hearing

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Event Type:
Court Date
Roy Kaylor
(831) 234-9703
Location Details:
Santa Cruz County Superior Court
701 Ocean Street, Dept. 4
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Santa Cruz County versus Roy Kaylor
Court Hearing - Urgent Request for Support!

The public is invited to attend this free event. Your presence at this historically significant court hearing would be very much appreciated!

Roy Kaylor, world-class inventor (credited by some historians with the U.S. winning the Cold War) purchased 153.5 acres in Santa Cruz County (next to Big Basin Redwood State Park) in 1984 with a winery, a vineyard, sawmill, 4 bedroom house, 2 bedroom house, 1 bedroom house, and ½ mile of narrow gauge track.

A miscreant “for fun” bulldozed down most of the buildings shortly after purchase. Over 100 trips to the Planning Department were made to get permits to rebuild. 2 permits were paid for and granted, but the Planning Department no longer has records. Kaylor’s records were burned in one of 17 arson fires on his property.

The Planning Department issued Red Tags for alleged code violations on Kaylor's property and has gone to court and fined him. Kaylor has been sued under the wrong zoning! His land is TPZ 505 (miscellaneous developed), not TPZ 500 (undeveloped)! The County has been seeking about $25,000,000. in fines. The value of his property has dropped to about 10% of 2008 value.

A Santa Cruz County Sheriff and a Planning Department Representative have led meetings with Kaylor’s neighbors and told them they were taking his land and would sell them a total of ten 10 acre parcels next to their properties. The County would keep 53.5 acres. (A large subdivided map was presented.)

Kaylor is not allowed to stay on his property (Kaylor Micro-Basin Wildlife & Wilderness Preserve) or have any vehicles, personal property, or buildings on his property by judicial ruling. He has not been allowed to have annual Fourth of July picnics and neighborhood watch meetings for neighbors on his land.

The County is trying to prevent school children from the adjacent New Horizons Outdoor School from hiking on his property. Over 15,000 children have hiked to a waterfall on his property in conjunction with schooling about nature. Big Basin Redwood State Park has plans to move their headquarters to a building 200 feet from Kaylor's land.

Stanford Law School was going to make a class project of the case. The head building official of the Planning Department said that the County would not sue Mr. Kaylor if he signed a mediation agreement. Kaylor withdrew from Stanford’s assistance. He was not able to get a complete copy of the agreement from the Planning Department. After accidentally discovering the missing material, he signed the heavily biased Planning Department version of the judicially mediated agreement written by County counsel. The Planning Department rejected the signed agreement and commenced to sue Mr. Kaylor. Kaylor was not able to re-instigate the Stanford Law School class project. The County is planning to reappoint their receiver, Mr. William Rayhal, to chop down all of the trees on Kaylor's land and sell it to pay him for ‘cleaning up’ the property and restoring it to its ‘pristine state’. Kaylor was forced to log about one quarter of the mature redwood trees in the Kaylor Micro-Basin Wildlife and Wilderness Preserve to partially pay his attorney to file an appeal to block the auction of his buildings, museum vehicle collection, personal property, science equipment, tools, etc. and to keep from clear cutting the land. The appeal was filed about 20 hours before the auction, which cancelled the auction. The appeal was recently rejected and the County is about to take Kaylor’s land, not only without compensation, but with very major penalties.

Roy Kaylor designed or invented: the Toyota Prius prototype, the Voyager spacecraft main power supply, the steering controllers on the Space Shuttle, the innards of the lead-acid car battery, the power supply in computers, electric drone motor controllers, etc. He gave a lecture on implementing stealth technology at Stanford E.E. Grad School in May 1960. He invented medical electronic devices, all present tow trucks, satellite power supplies, air born military electronics, microwave traveling wave tubes, IFF (Identification Friend or Foe), Dolby noise reduction, police strobe lights, portable roadside warning lights, world’s fastest outboard hydroplane, and set up the world’s largest solar cell production.

Environmentalists should take a stand against the unlawful seizing of Kaylor's property and the clearcutting of Kaylor's redwood trees, without his consent. Santa Cruz County is exercising "eminent domain" with an excessive abuse of power. They are taking Kaylor's private land without just cause and without compensation. In fact, they are charging Kaylor millions of dollars to pay for the clearing of his land and for confiscating and throwing away his inventions, research tools and materials.

Roy Kaylor urgently needs your help in coping with Santa Cruz County.

Please take action by informing others about Kaylor's situation.

Please come to Roy Kaylor's court hearing at 8:00 am on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, Dept. 4 and show your support!

Please contact your elected officials and any others who could help correct this injustice!

Thank you.

For more info. please contact Roy Kaylor:

(831) 234-9703
Kaylorenergy [at]
Added to the calendar on Fri, Jul 17, 2015 4:07PM

Comments (Hide Comments)
by John Cohen-Colby
This fits the definition of theft. Santa Cruz County Counsel Dana McRae should be prosecuted for this and for aiding and abetting domestic hate criminals from Take Back Santa Cruz and The Clean Team.
by 180 degree view
You say that "Environmentalists should take a stand against the unlawful seizing of Kaylor's property "?

But that's a far different tune than the one sung by most environmentalists, who hold Kaylor responsible for trashing that property. It's a dump. Didn't you watch the episode of "Horders" he was featured on? The guy has dumped dozens of vehicles and other equipment on the land...literally tons and tons of debris.

And someone else bulldozed all his buildings...he had nothing to do with it? Ahem.

And there were 17 arson fires on his property...but he had nothing to do with them? AHEMMM.

And he invented the Pryus prototype...but Toyota denies it and any knowledge of him? AHHHHHEEEMM.

I find your post incredible.
by Rogelio Andersen
Where are citations crediting Roy Kaylor on his work? Patents? Documentation *other than people repeating Mr. Kaylor's own claims*?

Toyota, when specifically asked about Roy Kaylor, responded that they were not aware of him and he had never been professionally associated with Toyota.

He claims lead-acid battery technology development. How old is Mr. Kaylor?

Before giving him any more credence, his claims should be verified using factual sources.

Maybe Mr. Kaylor could name verifiable staff on these special projects who could confirm his presence. He claims work on NASA projects, why isn't he named? Is he part of the inventor protection program? A super secret agent?

Toyota keeps incredibly tight documentation. If that story isn't true, what about the others?
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