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Emergency Meeting to Plan a Week of Intensified Struggle Against Police Murder
Date Sunday December 07
Time 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Location Details
St. Columba Catholic Church
6401 San Pablo Ave (@ Alcatraz), Oakland
Event Type Meeting
Organizer/AuthorStop Mass Incarceration Network
To Plan a Week of Intensified Struggle
Against Police Murder (December 7th thru 14th)

Intensify and Spread the Struggle
Against Police Murder and the New Jim Crow—
Get Organized and Go Higher!

The exoneration of the murderers of Eric Garner—an illegal and inhuman public execution filmed for all to see—crosses a line even for that empire conceived in slavery and genocide and sustained today by oppression, violence and a grinding exploitation and destruction of this planet’s people and resources. Watch the video, the full video, here. Eric Garner, a father of six children working to support them, asserts his dignity and humanity in a reasonable but determined way. In response, the human tools of the American system slowly, methodically, and heartlessly strangle him to death. Then, rather than try to revive him, they poke at his lifeless body.
What legitimacy does a system have which not only generates a crime like this from those in authority, but refuses to punish it and exonerates the culprits? What legitimacy does a system have whose laws and rules have functioned for centuries to repress and condemn and murder entire peoples? What legitimacy does a system have which offers no future for millions of Black and Latino and Native American youth, and then pens them in, locks them down and kills them off? What legitimacy does a system have whose laws and rules have functioned to exploit and plunder and rob, not only here but worldwide, not only in some so-called “isolated instances” but against millions and yes tens of millions? None whatsoever. If we were to tolerate this latest horrific outrage with perhaps a few token protests, we would be complicit in the crimes. AND WE MUST NOT AND WILL NOT BE!
So what has been done so far in protesting and REFUSING to tolerate this, first in response to Ferguson and now the unpunished murder of Eric Garner, has been crucially important and a much-needed first step. The nightly outpourings, the walkouts, the actions by athletes and artists, the disruptions of all kinds have been excellent and needed and must continue. These actions have forced everyone in this country to confront the reality of this epidemic of police brutality and murder, of mass incarceration, of the criminalization of entire peoples. They have compelled everyone in this country to confront what Bob Avakian has called the “simple and basic truth” that “There would be no United States as we know it today without slavery,” and that the legacy of this slavery has continued and morphed into new forms of white supremacy and remains central to this society. Whether people want to confront that or not, they have been forced by the actions of those in the streets to do so—and that in itself is an important accomplishment, and has shaken up and shaken loose the conscience of millions. And these actions have shown people to see that there is a movement arising that in fact will NOT tolerate this and these actions have pulled increasing numbers of people INTO that beginning-to-be-born movement. All this is still beginning, still first steps in what must be a dogged and determined and hard fight—but yes, the brave fighters for justice have accomplished a great deal.
But now is certainly not the time to retreat or quiet down. Now is not the time to fall for the honeyed words and empty promises of the oppressors, nor to be misled by their slanders. Now is the time to intensify and to spread this movement and the righteous actions taken so far. Still more people must be involved—there are plenty of people who have not come out in struggle yet, who must and should and can be won to come out. And these actions themselves must become more determined in confronting the business-as-usual of this empire. Organizing through Twitter and Facebook has its definite strengths, but people also need to get together in person and decide how to take this higher.
We call on people to organize meetings this Sunday or sooner, drawing together as many people and groups as possible, with as much diversity as possible. We support the impulse and the talk of making next week an entire week of outrage, December 7th to the 14th, with widespread actions of different kinds each day, including expressions within the very communities where these monsters-in-blue carry out their sick crimes, drawing in justice-craving people from throughout society. We endorse the march in DC next Saturday, called by Eric Garner’s family, demanding justice—including the demand that there be a federal prosecution of the murdering police in New York and Ferguson. This march should be as broad and powerful as possible and should be echoed in other cities, drawing in religious groups (there should be sermons on this on the weekends of December 7 and 14), community organizations, and social activism groups of all kinds. And there should also be creative actions throughout the week of various kinds that give militant expression to people’s determination to NOT live in a society where this kind of abuse and murder can be carried out.
Within all this, and broader than all this, we call on revolutionaries and all people who want to see fundamental change to get out the special issue of REVOLUTION, along with the inserted statement from Carl Dix on the murder of Eric Garner, far and wide. Pass this out broadly and then take donations in buckets. Get this into new places. The word of this struggle and the way to go deeper into understanding the problem and learning about—and being part of—the solution must be spread. And in everything, continue to get out posters with key slogans.
See you on the front lines!
Added to the calendar on Friday Dec 5th, 2014 9:06 PM
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