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Stop Japanese Government From Opening Nuke Plants-Speak Out
Date Tuesday November 11
Time 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location Details
San Francisco Japanese Consulate
275 Battery St. Suite 2100
San Francisco
Event Type Press Conference
Organizer/AuthorNo Nukes Action Committee
On November 11, 2014 at 3:00 PM at the Japanese consulate people will speak out about the plants to restart the Sendai nuclear plant. The Japanese government which now runs TEPCO which was responsible for the meltdown at Fukushima. The government with pressure from the US government and politicians wants to re-open all more that 40 nuclear plants.
This criminally dangerous action is a threat not only to the people of Japan but the world. Another major earthquake could lead to more meltdowns and further massive contamination. There is already a growing number of thyroid cancer surgeries which the government of Japan is keeping a secret. They have passed a new secrecy law that will criminalize those who are getting information out about the Fukushima meltdown.
it is time for all people to speak out against the restarting of nuclear plants in Japan and for the evacuation of children and families in Japan.
The No Nukes Action Committee NNA has a monthly speak out on the 11th to remind people that the Fukushima meltdown on March 11, 2011 still is with us and the plant continues to lead radioactivity.
For more information

First Japanese nuclear power plant since Fukushima to resume operations
Local governor gives final approval to restart two reactors at Sendai under new safety rules despite residents’ concerns

Associated Press in Tokyo

The Guardian, Friday 7 November 2014 08.03 GMT

Anti-nuclear protesters shout their opposition as the prefectural assembly adopted a petition that agrees to restart the Sendai nucelar power station. Photograph: AP
A local governor in Japan has given final approval to restart a nuclear power plant in southern Japan, the first to resume operations in the country under new safety rules imposed after the 2011 Fukushima Dai-ichi meltdowns caused by an earthquake and tsunami.
Kagoshima governor Yuichiro Ito said restarting two reactors at the Sendai power station would go ahead despite the concerns of residents.
“All things considered, I must say that we still need to rely on nuclear energy, and it is extremely important for us to steadily carry out the plan,” Ito told a news conference.
The announcement marks the final step before the Sendai reactors are expected to go back online early next year following regulators’ on-site checks. Japan’s nuclear regulation authority in July gave them passing grades under stricter safety requirements that factored in the lessons of the Fukushima Dai-ichi meltdowns.
All 48 workable reactors in Japan have been offline for safety checks or repairs since the 2011 disaster, except for two that have temporarily operated for about a year. Sendai would be the first to restart under safety rules imposed after the Fukushima crisis.
The plant’s host town, Satsumasendai, has already voted to restart the plant. The governor’s endorsement completes the required process of local consent.
Some residents are not convinced by the decision. At the prefectural assembly on Friday, the chairman’s announcement of the yes vote was nearly inaudible as about 200 citizens in the audience shouted their opposition. They stood up, some held “no” signs, while others shouted “Protect residents’ lives” and “Shame on you”, according to Kyodo News agency.
Residents are particularly concerned about several active volcanos around the plant,.
Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister, has been pushing to restart some of the 48 reactors, saying a prolonged shutdown hurts the economy in Japan, which is heavily dependent on imported sources of energy.
The minister of economy, trade and industry Yoichi Miyazawa, who visited Kagoshima to urge the governor to support the government’s energy policy, applauded Kagoshima’s announcement. “Gaining local residents’ understanding is very important,” he said.j

A Fukushima Mother’s Lament

The Sorrow of Living in Fukushima


Making my kids wear a glass badge*, a useless almighty protector,
I send them onto a battle field.
I see decontamination trucks in town
There are unknown men in the local convenience store.
I smell dusty soil from them.
Plastic storage bags are piling up here and there,
and I recall there is a school meal center just near by.

Note by translator # A glass badge is a simple personal dosimeter that measures air dose radiation. Children living in the radiation affected areas are strongly encouraged to carry them at all times when they go out and while attending school.


Waking up in the wee hours of the morning often,
I think of the thyroid nodules of my children, are they seeming to be all right?
What if I accept the reality that seems to ridicule my best effort to protect my kids?
I perfectly know the answer, It it is just the matter of time.
Then what should I do?
I betray everyone and just leave?


My mother in my hometown worries about radiation.
My father is intent on staying in Fukushima, being deceived by the government.
The two are most likely being exposed to radiation equally,
while arguing everyday and living in the same moment.
I don't want them to be irradiated.
Children, adults, elders.
Irradiation. I can’t accept it, there is no way to accept it.


I fight with my parents for where to store the bottled water we bought.
It is 0.5 there and 0.2 here, so I’ll place them here.
No, it does not make a difference!
So we fight.


The level of contamination is more or less the same all around,
but we still compare the radiation levels: here is lower than there.
It makes us feel superior,
but that kind of life troubles me.


Beside the mountains of bags storing radioactive soil,
German journalists are walking in protective suits.
Beside them, I see my children walking toward me with school backpacks on their back.
From my anguish, I become completely speechless……


I got ill with depression (Have I suffered from depression?), the cancer of my heart (my mind?).
Exposure to radiation, divorce.
They destroyed my children’s future.
I was told evacuation was a stupid action.
Thyroid nodules were found in my children.
The truth is so unclear, and I can't bear that we, adults and society, are so irresponsible.
I got ill with cancer in my mind (Am I suffering cancer in my heart?)
Radiation seems to have contaminated my heart first, the most vulnerable.


What is recuperation? Thyroid nodules? Radioactive Iodine?
What are they all?
Once you step out of Fukushima, very few people know what these words mean.
I now think they are simply fortunate as they are.
Ignorance is bliss.
See no evil, Hear no evil, Say no evil.
That must be bliss.


What vegetables were we harvesting in this season?
Potatoes with the smell of fresh soil.
So many eggplants, rolled over on the floor of the entrance area.
I now see only the weeds covering the garden.
I try to recall what kind of vegetables I used to harvest, but the memory seems far away.


Both my parents and my children are precious to me
One morning my mother of 69 years says,
you should protect your kids.
I want to protect both.
In Fukushima, protecting both at the same time
may be difficult.
So here comes the extreme decision to choose which to pick.
Any parent wishes the happiness of the child, first and foremost.
We are forced to choose either, again and again.


Choose a child or husband?
The sense of value over life became a profound gulf between us.
What I can only say is that I didn't want to put even one particle of radiation in those of my flesh and blood.
I wanted my beloved children to have an ordinary life just like before the accident
and experience the richness and beauty of Fukushima, just as I did .
The gulf between us was too deep.


There is no other way but to live the life I believe in,
a decision that took me more than three years to make.
I had lived my life, compromising myself, going along with my husband, others, and school activities.
I had compromised myself to go along with Fukushima.
I want to live the rest of my life in my truth.
Will it be possible?


There is no place I can go back to.
My loving home is
Someday in the future,
I shall be a part of Fukushima soil
because that is where I go back.

This is a Japanese original,

For more information on the No Nukes Action Committee
Added to the calendar on Sunday Nov 9th, 2014 6:38 AM
§No Nukes Sign At Fukushima
by No Nukes Action Committee Sunday Nov 9th, 2014 6:38 AM
The people of Fukushima continue to speak out against the continuing contamination and government cover-up. They need the support of Americans to stop the re-opening of more nuclear plants by the Abe government.
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