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RESISTOR: a zine for those holding on for dear life to San Francisco! first issue
by Aladdin Rags (sfresistor [at]
Sunday Aug 10th, 2014 1:17 PM
I am launching a new zine (see full title below) & accepting submissions, electronically or manually. Send text submissions only please to sfresistor [at] For larger submissions such as image files, please query first as my inbox capacity is limited.
Coming to a cheap local copy shop & imaginary underground distro near you (if you live in the Bay Area) on Sept 1st, issue #1 of a new self-produced publication: "RESISTOR: a Zine for Those Holding On for Dear Life to San Francsico (As Well As Those We Have Already Lost)."

Featuring new short story by yours truly titled "The Life & Death of a Squat," plus submissions by several other artists on the perilous joys & overpriced perils of life in a city where the average one-bedroom apartment rental is now $3,400 a month.

If you wish to submit electronically, please send to sfresistor at riseup dot net. If in person, we'll have to arrange to meet.

Although this zine springs from a place of anger arising from the changes San Francisco is going through & the fact that the vital artist class is being frozen out as the city fills with boring people, wealthy conservatrons & Google buses galore, I wish to avoid the more strident tone of the anti-gentrification activists, or at least to balance it with a more...well, balanced perspective. I am half techie myself. That's probably why I keep trying to kill myself, creatively.

Submissions are acceptable from those anywhere in the Bay Area, or even outside of it, who have something to say or any kind of response or reaction they'd like to share, in any artistic format conducive to zine production (but primarily text...if you're sending larger image files, please query first as my inbox has limited storage capacity), concerning the changing fortunes of San Francsico. You don't have to still (barely) live here. Athough preference may be given to those who do. Since this is the first issue & there is no payment, I doubt we'll have a flood of submissions this time around, though, so no worries.

I plan to do the layout for this issue myself at the Tenderloin Tech Center, the Goodwill CAP center or possibly one of our local hackerspaces, & to print 100 or so copies with my first meager paycheck from a job I recently started. Once I have them printed, I plan to distribute them freely to contributors & other strategic locations in SF (& probably some in Oakland/Berkeley) on or soon after the 1st of Septemba.

--Aladdin Rags