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Malware creator exposed, lessons learned, leaked docs
by IndyRadio
Wednesday Aug 6th, 2014 9:29 PM
Hackers claim a 40GB trove of documents from supplier of surveillance technology to government agencies, and lessons are learned about how to protect our privacy.
Malware used by government agencies for illegal surveillance, known as FinFisher has likely been exposed. The alleged hack of Gamma Group International yielded a 40GB trove that has been made public. Gamma is a provider of "surveillance technology" that your anti-virus probably knows as malware, but only further concealments are developed, as indicated in the screenshot above from release notes which are linked below.

When you are infected, you may wonder why your computer is slow. That's because you're live streaming everything to the NSA. Most  intentional targets, (and there are many accidental ones) have no legitimate reason to be targeted, except perhaps voyeurism, as we have learned from recent leaks by Edward Snowden. The software also exploits weaknesses that allow wifi hardware to be turned on if turn off, collect data and turn it off again. 

This is not only an attack on Windows, but also on MacOSX and several versions of Linux, as you will see if you read the attached release notes.

You might consider disabling wifi hardware in your bios settings if you're interested in privacy, or use an external usb adapter that can be removed when not in use, and make sure that internal hardware in un-installed.

Citizen Lab is analyzing the source code that has been obtained.




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§Release Notes
by IndyRadio Wednesday Aug 6th, 2014 9:29 PM

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