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Shooter of Andy Lopez Not Being Prosecuted
by Labor Creates All Wealth
Monday Jul 7th, 2014 9:18 PM
The latest sign that Nazi USA is a police state is the refusal of the district attorney, Jill Ravitch, to prosecute the shooter of 13 year old Any Lopez, namely Deputy Erick Gelhaus. This means the police are dictating policy which is a definition of a police state. We have seen this many times over the years, and it does not matter if the district attorney is a Democrat or Republican. DA Ravitch had the endorsement of California Attorney General, Democrat Kamala Harris, so there is not only no hope in going to the attorney general, but that means the whole State of California is a police state.
For the endorsement of Harris and others, see:

In case you missed the latest slap in the face to the workingclass in particular, and the taxpayers in general, see the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, 7/7/14 at

From New York to California and beyond, and from Florida to Alaska, the police dictate policy, which is why we call Nazi USA a police state. On the rare occasion they do charge these killer police (or sheriff deputies), they make sure the case is rigged in favor of the defense for acquittal or a hung jury or a conviction on a much lesser charge.

The most obvious question anyone can ask is why are these police allowed to work as police if they are so terrified of the American people? Obviously, it is a lie that the police are shooting and killing out of fear.

The civil lawsuits that are almost always filed do not solve the problem as the vicious attack by the police on the workingclass of this country continues daily, despite constant police brutality lawsuits, most of which are settled for large sums of money, often at least $1 million of our tax dollars. It is good that civil lawsuits are filed, but a serious attack on the profits of the capitalist class is clearly the only way the police state can be stopped.

The solution can only be a general strike. The workingclass of Sonoma County certainly has the power to shut down the whole county and beyond, and that is true of the rest of the country. A one-day general strike will scare the ruling class into demanding a complete change in police policy, including eliminating the use of guns, tasers, wooden bullets and pepper spray by any police agency.

When civil authorities are too terrified to charge the police or are 100% in support of their heinous crimes, this is outright fascism. GENERAL STRIKE NOW!
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here's the DA's 94-page whitewash reportfor the recordTuesday Jul 8th, 2014 2:58 PM