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The old Schlage Lock Company - 1700 housing units on very a contaminated site in SF.
by Francisco Da Costa
Sunday Jun 29th, 2014 4:01 PM
While San Francisco needs housing the City is fast tracking building homes on Superfund Sites - the worst contaminated sites - former Department of Defense bases. Also many Brownfield - with proper cleanup by the local authorities. One such case in the old Schlage Lock Company by Arleta and old Bayshore in San Francisco. The District Supervisor and the Mayor of San Francisco Edwin Lee are fast tracking this project. Never mind innocent people will be exposed to the contaminants, the air is polluted, and there is no viable and sustainable - transportation. It is becoming fashionable to build homes and discard Quality of Life issues.
All over the Bay Area there is lack of so called Affordable Housing.

More, no housing for those that are have no income and very low income. In San Francisco the lack of housing has caused many to leave San Francisco forever - many families that contributed so much to San Francisco. Now the cannot pay the high rents. The "techies" are wait to gobble anything - the have the money - and the landlords want the money.

Plans are afloat to build thousands of units on land that is contaminated. At Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

The constituents of San Francisco voted in the year 2000 - and by a margin of 87% mandated to clean up the entire Hunters Point Naval Shipyard to residential standards.

This has not been done and Lennar a rogue developer is now given the permission to build over 10,000 units on very contaminated ground.

All over the Bay Area we hear of contamination - the most serious the radioactive elements found. Mostly, because of the World War II efforts - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - where Depleted Uranium was first tested.

The U.S. own records show hundreds of contaminants at high levels.

The Main Media has been slow to report the facts - because, investigative reporters are few. The ones that take a project - get paid and sugar coat their articles.

Now, at Arleta and the old Bayshore the City and County of San Francisco has plans and is fast track a project to build over 1700 housing units. The owner in Mainland China who stole money from Taiwan and has escaped to Mainland China would like to build 2200 units. The City of San Francisco is fast tracking this project - taking short cuts - and ignoring Quality of Life issues.

At a recent meeting before the SF Public Utilities Commission - some advocates stall the process for two weeks - send shills to those that are fast tracking the process.
After two weeks - those at City Hall made the necessary calls - greased the hands that had to be greased - and just like that when the vote was taken - all those concerned - voted for the project.

In San Francisco we have the Precautionary Principle on our books. No one applies this important principle. Simply stated if that is any doubt that harm can come to any life - the project - any action must stop the the adverse impacts - addressed.

We also have the Maher Law that addressed poor landfill, contaminated, contaminated air and so on and so forth. The Maher Law more and more in recent months and years - has been put on the back burner. The developers and those that must enforce the laws and regulations - look the other way.

While large Environmental Foundations in San Francisco are busy giving large grants and money to environmental groups all over the world. Here in San Francisco, and more in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - homes are built on toxic land - no clean up, no abatement, no mitigation.

Innocent children, families, our seniors and put in harm way. Those that stand up are few and those that are bought - we call them sell outs are many - they take money - and sell out the community at large.

On all environmental projects and issues impact thousands in we need to stand together - be in Treasure Island, Vallejo at Mare Island, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Mission Bay, and so on and so forth.

We need to apply the RICO ACT because things have gone out of hard - and our scientists and other astute engineers can help. If we gather the empirical data and organize we can corner these corrupt entities and address the injustices.

The paradox is that the land belongs to the Native Americans - here in the Bay Area to the Ohlone. These crooks that stole the land want it all. First the built homes on clean land - now that the see there is an opportunity to buy contaminated land for cheap - the are out to sell snake oil.

Chinese from Mainland China and elsewhere are offered housing units for money - then enticed with EB-5 Visas - that is the latest scam. An investment of millions of dollars - and these folks who are hoodwinked - come to the United States only to learn the truth.

At Hunters Point Naval Shipyard it is Lennar Urban - promised water front property - but on land that is contaminated. More by very high level of radioactive elements.

Our U.S. Government and more our regulatory agencies - the U.S.Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Toxic and Substance Control (DTSC) the Regional Water Board, other agencies like the BCDC and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District are all asleep in the cockpit - while the thugs are busy doing their thing.

In San Francisco it is the Pacific Height Mafia - busy raking in million - at the expense of those that cannot defend themselves.