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Protest At San Francisco Brazilian Consulate: Stop Repression And Union Busting

Thursday, July 03, 2014
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Brazilian Consulate
300 Montgomery St #300, San Francisco, CA 94104

Bring Your Placards, Banners And

7/3 Protest At San Francisco Brazilian Consulate-Stop Repression And Union Busting:Rehired The 42 Brazilian São Paulo Metro workers' union members

Using Soccer FIFFA Games Brazilian Government Attacks Transit/Public Workers With Repression, Union Busting And Privatization

Protest Rally For 42 Fired São Paulo Metro workers' union members
Thursday July 3, 2014 4:00 PM
Brazilian Consulate
300 Montgomery St #300, San Francisco, CA 94104

Bring Your Placards, Banners And Balls

Initially Sponsors
United Public Workers For Action
info [at]
Transport Workers Solidarity Committee


Sao Paulo Transit Workers: Intensify the struggle, defend the right to strike, prevent any punishment, we want to negotiate now.

Everyone has been following the mobilizations going on in Brazil with strikes and demonstration by workers and popular organizations expressing their indignation about the World Cup with its astronomic costs and corruption, all in function of the interests of the multinational companies and FIFA.

But at the same time people have been .putting forward their concrete struggles making demands for salaries, rights, housing, better public services. They have denounced repression and criminalization of dissent, etc.

At this moment, the transit workers in Sao Paulo are in the fifth day of a strike which began last Thursday. The transport workers carry 4,000,000 passengers every day in the city where, next Thursday, June 12, the opening of the World Cup will take place. Because this strike is so important, the government has decided that it has to be defeated come what may. It is seeking to impose an end to the strike and also prevent the mobilizations from escalating in the coming days.

Brazilian Justice, working hand in hand with the interests of the government, big business and FIFA declared the strike illegal today and demanded that the transit workers return to work immediately. It has established a daily fine of US$ 250,000 on their union for non-compliance.

This decision by the Justice Ministry allows the government to dismiss the strikers, contravening all their legal and economic rights.

We are counting on the support and solidarity of all the Brazilian union centrals that are organization initiatives in support of the strike (see note below)

The Union and the workers have decided to continue the strike, despite the government’s orders, in order to defend their demands and also to defend their right to strike.

We need your support and solidarity. Send messages to the e-mails below, post photos on social networks, broadcast this call on your lists and web sites

Full support for the Sao Paulo Transit Workers

Response to the demands of the transit sector

In defence of the right to strike.!

No to repression, no punishment!

Alckman negotiate!

Altino Prazeres

President, Sao Paulo Transit Workers Union

International Network of Solidarity and Struggle

CSP Conlutas - Brasil

Solidarity With Brazil Sao Paulo Transit Workers-Money For Football But Not Transit Workers
Solidariedade internacional: greve dos metroviários

Brazil Sao Paulo Transit Strike Called Off-42 Workers Fired
Brazil averts subway strike on eve of World Cup
The Associated PressJune 11, 2014
A threatened second round of a subway strike in Sao Paulo would cripple transportation in South America’s biggest city. Authorities are counting on the subway to carry most fans to Sao Paulo games. RODRIGO ABD — AP Photo

SAO PAULO — A subway strike in Sao Paulo that threatened to disrupt the opening of the World Cup was averted Wednesday night even as airport workers in Rio de Janeiro declared a 24-hour work stoppage in the main destination for soccer fans traveling to Brazil.

Some 1,500 subway workers in Sao Paulo voted against going back on strike in a pay dispute. They had suspended the walkout Monday amid a popular backlash and government pressure to end the transportation chaos in Brazil's biggest city.

"We thought that right now it's better to wait," union president Altino Prazeres said, but added that he wouldn't rule out resuming the strike sometime during the monthlong soccer tournament. "We get the feeling that maybe we aren't as prepared for a full confrontation with police on the day the World Cup starts."

The union said its members would hold a march Thursday morning demanding that 42 workers fired during the five-day work stoppage are rehired.

World Cup organizers are counting on Sao Paulo's subway system to carry tens of thousands of fans Thursday to Itaquerao stadium, where Brazil will play Croatia in the tournament's first game far from the hotel areas where most tourists are staying.

Even as tensions eased in Sao Paulo, labor conflicts heated up in Rio, where fans were arriving ahead of Sunday's match between Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

On Wednesday, check-in counter clerks, baggage handlers and janitorial staff who have been demanding raises of at least 5.6 percent for several months voted to strike starting at midnight. The work stoppage will affect the city's Galeao international airport as well as the Santos Dumont airport that connects Rio to other Brazilian destinations

A union representative said only 20 percent of workers would stay off the job for 24 hours, abiding by a labor court order that threatened to fine unions more than $22,000 if staffing fell below 80 percent of normal levels. The official agreed to discuss specifics of the walkout only if not quoted by name because he wasn't authorized to speak publicly.

The airport workers' strike is the latest unrest to hit Brazil as workers battered by several years of high inflation take advantage of the spotlight from the World Cup to pressure for pay raises from employers and the government.

In the northern city of Natal, where the United States plays its first game Monday against Ghana, bus drivers will stay home Thursday for at least 24 hours to press their demands for a 16 percent pay increase.

Teachers remain on strike in Rio and routinely block streets with rallies, and subway workers in that city briefly threatened a walkout. Police in several cities have also gone on strike in recent weeks, but are back at work now.

There also has been a steady drumbeat of anti-government protests across Brazil criticizing the billions spent on hosting the World Cup and demanding improvements in public services. The protests that began last year have diminished in size but not in frequency, and they also have disrupted traffic at times.

Read more here:

Subway workers demand the reinstatement of the sacked workers
Written by PSTU - Brasil
Wednesday, 18 June 2014 00:02

At a meeting in June 11, the subway workers of São Paulo approved a campaign for the reinstatement of the 42 workers dismissed from the Metro Company for participating in the strike.

Of these, 11 are directors of the union. They also decided not paralyze the activities on the 12th, but remain mobilized. Three workers were reinstated, but the subway workers will continue fighting for the reinstatement of all.

"There is no vandal here. The only vandal is the governor Geraldo Alckmin," said Altino Prazeres, president of the union and PSTU's militant. He also said that the sector was proud of the five-day strike they have done.

On June 12, the opening day of the World Cup, the sector participated in the protest against the injustices of the Cup. The concentration for the act was scheduled for 10 am in front of the of Subway Workers Union.

Reinstatement now!

The subway workers held one of the strongest strikes in their history. With a membership participation close to 100% in almost all workplaces, the sector faced the intransigence of Alckmin's government and its subservient Labor Justice, in addition to a massive campaign by the media in order to turn the public opinion against the workers.

The PSDB's government, however, besides refusing to negotiate, deployed the Shock Troops against the employees on strike and yet determined the dismissal of 42 workers. Even when the Company's board of directors was waving in rediscussing layoffs, Alckmin personally decided to maintain the arbitrary measure, proving that it was a political attack to weaken the mobilization and make the subway workers an example to other working sectors.

The subway workers strike, however, managed to bring together a broad support, from other branches of workers both around the country and internationally. A significant part of the population expressed support for the workers on strike, condemning the repression and cruelty of the "tucano" government.

It's time now to strengthen the campaign for the reinstatement of the subway workers. This struggle is not only for reinstating the dismissed workers to their jobs, but it is a struggle for freedom of organization and strike by the working class.

Click here and sign the petition in support of the immediate reinstatement of the subway workers!
#somostodosmetroviários #readmissãojá

3.354 assinaturas. Vamos chegar a 10.000
Por que isto é importante

São Paulo,10 de junho de 2014

Lutar é direito.

Desde o inicio da campanha salarial dos metroviários foram feitas diversas iniciativas de interlocução junto ao governo do estado no sentido de se evitar a greve sem que esta obtivesse sucesso, mas não satisfeito em ignorar a justas demandas da categoria e da população "para fechar com chave de ouro" o senhor governador instaura a "caça as bruxas".

É preciso responsabilidade algo que parece falta ao Senhor Geraldo Alckmin
A mobilização que está longe de terminar alçou a luta dos metroviários a um patamar de destaque dentro de um contexto que indica um viés de aumento das lutas trata-se de uma das maiores e mais longas greves da categoria, com um grau de adesão que se aproximou dos 100% e contou com repercussão internacional.

Alertamos que a truculência e intransigência do PSDB só aumentou a indignação da categoria, que promete não se curvar às arbitrariedades do governo ainda assim durante a última assembléia houve mais um gesto de boa vontade na negociação, recuaram ao estado de greve, mas todos entoaram alertando: "Nenhuma demissão! Nenhuma demissão!".

A metroviária Camila Lisboa, uma das demitidas sintetiza o sentimento de todos: "Temos que continuar essa luta, não por nossas pautas, mas pelo direito de lutar".

Os trabalhadores e trabalhadoras de várias categorias que subscrevem este documento entendem como irregulares as demissões dos quarenta e dois servidores (as) metroviários (as) em primeiro lugar por entender que o direito de greve é um principio inclusive constitucional, em segundo lugar pelo critério de escolha que passou eminentemente pelo papel de liderança que estas pessoas ocuparam no processo denotando clara perseguição política.
Não podemos aceitar o uso do poder de estado para calar vozes dissonantes, tão pouco o uso de violência e tortura como ocorreu com Murilo Magalhães estudante de direito e ativista do Centro Acadêmico de Direito da PUC e da ANEL que foi submetido a espancamento e humilhações homofóbicas.

E por isso exigimos a readmissão de todos (as) os demitidos e que sejam abertas investigações quanto ao tratamento dispensado a Murilo.
Added to the calendar on Wed, Jun 25, 2014 11:51PM
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