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Another black eye for the Parlier Police Department and Chief David Cerda
by Heath Lewis
Sunday Jun 22nd, 2014 2:36 PM
At some point the Parlier City Council is going to follow through and do what they say they are going to do. Get rid of Cerda.
As predicted, The City of Parlier’s public safety tax “Measure S” failed miserably and fell on its face. Funny how the Chief of Police, David Cerda didn’t lift a finger to help get it passed. He did ask his officers to help get it passed though.

Imagine if the police department had a leader that was truly concerned with the safety of his officers and the community he is tasked to protect. A true leader would have worked on his own time, off duty, evenings and weekends to get the Measure passed. He would have encouraged and motivated his teak to get the job done. A flyer in English and Spanish to hand out. Going door to door speaking with residents, community member and business owners. These things are too much to ask or expect from a Chief who is busy trying to find another job.

You can find Cerda locked in his office most days when he is at work. Sensitive personnel files have even been taken away from him and stored at city hall.

He has openly stated that he is looking for a new position. In fact he recently tested with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department for a Deputy position. Go figure, he was not selected to continue with the hiring process after his first interview. If he is such a stellar leader why was he not hired by them? Surely is he were a great leader he would make a great addition to their team.

He spoke so disparagingly about the Sheriff and the services her agency provides recently in the Parlier Post that no wonder she is chomping at the bit to take the town over. Now he back peddles when speaking with ABC 30 in Fresno on June 20, 2014.

The police department is in huge trouble money wise. Cerda has misused and spent grant monies with no accounting for the cash. Grant reports have never been submitted and there are some officers who are being paid when they are not even working I hear. The State and the Federal Government are now conducting investigations in to the finances.

Another black eye for the police department.

One of Parlier’s officers was recently recognized by Mothers against Drunk Driving and given the HERO aware for DUI enforcement. Cerda didn’t want to let the officer attend the ceremony in Sacramento. Cerda himself did not go. The officer went on his own, alone. How embarrassing. The Clovis PD officer who was recognized had a contingent with him from the department at the ceremony. And was recognized all over the media.

A patrol car was recently burned to the ground by an arsonist in front of the PD. Cerda had such little concern he didn’t come to the scene to see what was going on. The Parlier City Manager got there before Cerda finally thought he should respond.

The police department is in turmoil due to not a lack of leadership but NO leadership at all. It would take so little effort to get things on the right track, increase morale and lower anxiety. Healing will not happen while Cerda is at the helm. A leader takes responsibility for his actions as well as the actions of those he leads. Not passes the buck and tries to manage via email.
by Taxpayer
Tuesday Aug 19th, 2014 6:25 PM
Parlier has not been able to pay its bill to Fresno County Fire Protection District for services for the last two years. So, at this month's board of directors meeting, a plan to annex Parlier into the fire district will be voted upon. If the plan is approved, the next steps in the process will be pursued with the Local Agency Formation Commission.