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Elizabeth Warren and Thomas Piketty, 47min
by Moveon and HuffPost Live
Tuesday Jun 3rd, 2014 11:02 AM
The rich get richer and everybody else suffers. The tax code must be radically revised so the top 1% pay the same tax as their secretaries. If capital gains were taxed at the same rate as labor, we'd have hundreds of billions in additional revenue (Joseph Stiglitz). Prof. Piketty explains that the rigged system has continued for centuries. Return on capital exceeds growth of the economy.
to watch the 47-minute video discussion from June 2, 2014, click on
Warren is part of the corporate machine. She chose to be. She can rail against it all she wants in order to get the Dem zombies gushing -- "she's fantastic!" etc -- but in the end, she will do just what Kucinich did: when it counts, she'll drop all of demands and hand all her delegates over to the monster who has been decided will lead the party to victory, in this case, Clinton.

Don't fall for it yet again.