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Dear California Voter: Let’s Prove Them Wrong
by reader
Monday Jun 2nd, 2014 6:40 PM
There have always been two states – one ripe for developers, corporations, financial institutions, and robber barons. The other state consists of the working class and poor, including immigrant whites and Asians, African Americans, natives, Mexicans, and refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Armenia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and elsewhere. . . . Here is the California story we can’t cover up or push aside: increased job eliminations, evictions, [and] home foreclosures as well as cuts in welfare and needed services in the face of a deepening poverty-creating economic crisis. Which way for California? Which way for the country?
Dear California Voter:

We are in the last days of the primary gubernatorial race. I am officially on the California ballot. Anyone can vote for me this Tuesday, June 3, regardless of party affiliation or no party preference. This is a new primary process: The top two vote getters, regardless of affiliation, will go on to the November elections.

Governor Brown is expected to be the top vote getter. According to polls the issue is whether Republican banker Neel Kashkari or American Independent/Tea Party member Tim Donnelly will get the second spot (the Republican Party has not endorsed any candidate for governor). In the latest USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll, Brown is around 50 percent of the vote; Kashkari is at 18 percent and Donnelly at 13 percent. The rest of the field—including myself—are at 5 percent with 14 percent undecided. The poll was of 1,511 registered voters.

Let’s prove them wrong. I call this the politics of the unexpected.

Even if you like Brown, help us become the second-highest vote getter to stop either Kashkari or Donnelly from setting the parameters of the debates through November. Vote for Luis J. Rodriguez as the most qualified and uncompromised challenger to the status quo—where 9 million Californians are in poverty; a third of state residents breathe bad air; and where we are last among states in education, the arts and the poverty rate.

This reality exists though California has immense resources and technology—including a $10 billion failing prison system; $68 million (that is expected to end up at $200 billion) high-speed rail between Los Angeles and San Francisco (for only 200,000 mostly business commuters); and possible billions from taxing oil companies for “severing” oil from the land (California is the only place in the planet that does not do this).

My aim is to align these and other resources to the vast needs of the people.

The Luis J. Rodriguez campaign has also been largely blocked from major media since we won’t place one dollar in ads or airtime since this is largely a racket where prices for such go higher during elections. This means only the big money candidates get heard.

There’s nothing democratic about that.

Despite this we’ve had favorable coverage in Truthout, Mint Press News, Fox News Latino, Los Angeles Times, Truthdig, KPFK, KQIQ, Univision, Radio Bilinque, EFE Spanish-language network, La Opinion, El Mensajero, Monterey County Weekly, Orange County Weekly, KCET Departures, San Diego Free Press, People’s Tribune, Tribuno Del Pueblo, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Monterey Herald, Daily Californian, Voxxi,and Remezcla, among others.

We’ve been endorsed by the Green Party of California, the U.S. Justice Party, Mexican American Political Association, El Hormiquero of Pacoima, PODER of Santa Barbara, Chicanos Unidos of Orange County, Corazon Del Pueblo of Boyle Heights, Boyle & Brooklyn magazine, Chicano scholar Rudy Acuna, former Green Party vice-presidential candidate Rosa Clemente, African American poet and activist Jeffery Martin, Salinas Councilman Jose Castaneda, Labor activist Ana Barrera, youth leader Alejandra Mojica, urban peace healer George Galvis, former California lawyer and whistle blower Kathleen Carroll, and many others.

And we’ve gone up and down the state eleven times, fielded 200 volunteers, obtained 5,000 signatures and/or funds to be on the ballot. It’s been all grassroots, the way elections should be.

It’s time to bring grassroots back, to consider placing real power into our hands and remove the corporate control of elections—as well as the dominance of the corporate-controlled two-party system. It’s time for real democracy—more voices, real choices.

Please go to our website at to find out more.

In addition, you are invited to an election night celebration on Tuesday, June 3, from 7 pm to 10 pm with light snacks—716 Orange Grove Avenue, San Fernando CA 91340.

We will watch election results and informally discuss the significance of our powerful efforts and plans to continue campaigning on the six-plank issues (go to to read and download our platform and manifesto). Our campaign is the intersection of a clean and healthy environment, a thriving economy, and social justice for all.

These issues won’t go away with the elections.

Thank you… without you we would not have gone this far. On to June 3!

With dignity and respect,
Luis J. Rodriguez

Committee to Elect Luis J. Rodriguez Governor of California, 2014

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"When California voters go to the polls in tomorrow's open primary, Rodriguez and his growing coalition need a million votes to send a powerful green message to Brown: It's not acceptable for nearly 9 million Californians to remain entrenched in poverty, with an estimated one out of three residents faced with unacceptable polluted air and water conditions -- in an age of climate change and historic drought."