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Mendocino County Supervisors Consider Ordinance To Ban Fracking 05.20.2014
by Tomas DiFiore
Tuesday May 20th, 2014 5:04 AM
Fracking? No Drill No Spill; Mendocino County Needs A Total Ban! Send a quick thank you note, and VOTE yes to the link below. It will reach all 5 Supervisors. Today's agenda includes 10 minutes to direct Staff to prepare an ordinance to ban fracking in Mendocino County by July 22, 2014. The Board will then consider whether to pass it into law on that day, or place it directly on the November Ballot.
Fracking? No Drill No Spill; Mendocino County Needs A Total Ban

Today, May 20, 2014 the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors will address as an agenda item a proposal to develop an ordinance to Ban Fracking In Mendocino County.

SUMMARY OF REQUEST: “In the last ten years, fracking has rapidly expanded in states like
Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Texas and Colorado. Residents living near fracking operations suffer from constant noise and light pollution, air pollution, contaminated water, toxic spills, and mysterious illnesses. Despite the clear risks posed to Californians by the oil industry's plans to frack our state, legislation that would have placed a moratorium on fracking in California died in the Assembly. With action blocked at the statewide level, communities throughout California are drafting ordinances to ban fracking within their respective counties. At this juncture, it would be timely for the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors to direct staff to review the ordinances under consideration in Santa Cruz, San Benito, and Santa Barbara Counties, and bring forward an ordinance for Mendocino County. Supervisors Dan Hamburg and Dan Gjerde are requesting an ordinance be brought forward at the July 22 meeting, so that Supervisors would have the option of either passing the ordinance or placing it on the November 4 ballot.”

It's going to be a long hot, busy summer. Two measures may be on the November Ballot to Ban Fracking In Mendocino County. The Board may also pass the ordinance outright in July!

I really, really, want to thank both Supervisors Gjerde and Hamburg for their forethought and fortitude. The bad news from fracking across the nation is overwhelming.

Pipeline ruptures, explosions, train wrecks, toxic spills, refinery fires, neighborhoods evacuated, increased seismic activity, over 100 (permitted industry SDWA exempt) groundwater contamination, air pollution, lax language in SB 4 regarding aquifer exemptions and acid fracking - acidization threshold mix ratios for reporting, well cement failure rates, waste disposal via truck or deep well injection (UIC), ground level ozone, fugitive methane emissions, extreme water usage, health impacts, water rights; and that's the California news any day of the week.

Please show up and support our two Supervisors, and add Mendocino County to the growing list of counties and municipalities crafting ordinances to Ban Fracking.

Send a quick “VOTE YES” email or phone call today! It is a 10 minute item on the agenda, no discussion necessary really. But be sure to add your voice!

Mendocino County Board of Supervisors
501 Low Gap Road, Room 1010
Ukiah, CA 95482
ph 707-463-4221
fx 707-463-7329
Board email bos [at]

Slick Water Fracking Moratorium Is The Only Answer

Tomas DiFiore