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Santa Cruz Sierra Club Group Announces June 2014 Election Endorsements
by Santa Cruz Progressive Newswire
Monday May 19th, 2014 3:05 PM
On May 16 the Santa Cruz Sierra Club Group announced its election endorsements for the June elections, stating "After careful review and consideration, the Santa Cruz Sierra Club Group has determined that we are not able to make any local candidate endorsements".
The only endorsement the group made at local level was in support of Measure F, which means the Sierra Club is NOT endorsing any of the candidates for the Board of Supervisors, including Ryan Coonerty, Bob Lamonica, Terry Medina, Greg Caput, Jimmy Dutra, and Dana Sales. Also overlooked for endorsements were those running for public safety offices including Bob Lee for District Attorney and all the Sheriff candidates: Roger Wildey, Robert J. Pursley, Jr., and Jim Hart.

For state level offices, the Santa Cruz Group directs people to the Sierra Club of California's endorsements, which includes an endorsement of Assemblymember Mark Stone, the incumbent who is running for the 29th California Assembly District seat.

2014 Sierra Club of California Endorsements

Santa Cruz Sierra Club Group June 2014 Election Endorsements