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Students Plan Walkout Due to Fee Increases at San Jose State
by WALKOUT on 4/29
Tuesday Apr 22nd, 2014 11:12 AM
Students at San Jose State University are planning to walk out of classes on April 29 to protest fee increases.
Here is their statement and demands:


In light of the Student Success Excellence and Technology Fee (SSETF), and its consistent increase since Fall 2012, we urge that you participate in WALKING OUT so that students' voices and concerns are heard! As a student collective, we must express our demands to our administration that has continuously denied us a voice concerning our money, and where and how it is being used. This is the opportunity to do so!


1) Rescind the SSET Fee.

This school year, each student paid $630 for the SSETF segmented in tuition. This coming academic year (Fall 2014-Spring 2015), students will be expected to pay $790 IF this fee remains; all in the name of "student success". Despite its title, the majority of this money has been funneled to the Athletics Department, stripping students of the funding needed for essential resources to assist our success. Channeling a large portion of this money to Athletics hasn't and does not benefit the larger student body, making it critical that we void it.

2) The University structurally create greater transparency when it comes to making decisions impacting students directly.

It is imperative that students have a say and a VOTE in the decision-making that directly affects us. Students must also be given the resources to be educated on the issue and notified in the event(s) of the decision-making.

We must make it known that students are NOT profit, and education is NOT a business!

What we can all do in the meantime: Express our concerns about the SSETF to President Qayoumi! Here is his e-mail to do so! sjsupres [at]

Locations: We will be meeting at the Event Center fountain and marching to Tower Hall from there.

by WALKOUT on 4/29 Tuesday Apr 22nd, 2014 6:47 PM
Walk Out Flyer