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Political Consultant-Turned-Assembly-Hopeful Steve Glazer's Ties to Tobacco, Big Oil
by Steven Maviglio
Tuesday Apr 22nd, 2014 10:52 AM
Glazer Advised JobsPAC, special interest political action committee for corporate interests, on electing candidates that work against progressives
It's not often that a professional political consultant runs for public office. And when they do, it is worth checking who've they advised to get a roadmap of whose interests they'll pursue if elected.

Who has has signed political consultant-turned-Assembly District 16 candidate Steve Glazer's paychecks? As the infographic here highlighting Glazer's work for JobsPAC shows, it's Big Oil, tobacco companies, insurance companies and other corporate donors -- hands down the largest special interests in Sacramento.

Perhaps that's the reason these same interests are pouring money into his Assembly race (not to mention $120k in TV time bought by a developers campaign, perhaps as a thank you for his political consulting work in destroying a local forest and trees for a golf course.)

So the next time Steve Glazer says he's spurning special interests, take a look at his political benefactors -- and his client list. Apparently his values align with theirs.

by Craig Jones
Wednesday Apr 23rd, 2014 6:56 AM
The author is either unfamiliar with Sacramento or so biased he can get his facts straight. According to every source available the biggest special interest in Sacramento according to political contributions is the California Teachers Association. This is the very group who has spent over $5000,000 already for Steve Glazer's primary opponent who was until recently a lobbyist for the public union. Note their is no mention of this here. Why is the teachers union so interested in one assembly race. Because they will own the seat if Steve loses. Steve on the other hand had helped his local school district successfully raise parcel taxes when he felt the district needed money. The union demands straight line voting to help salaries, pensions, reduced work hours, and work rules often directly opposed to kids best interests.
by Union Yes
Sunday May 4th, 2014 9:49 AM
Steve Glazer is no doubt a corporate whore for whomever pays for his services. But the main reason My union ( Not the Teachers ) wants him defeated is that he calls for outlawing all Transit strikes in the State ! Think about it. This aging Yuppie who makes probably in the mid six figures wants to fire and imprison workers if they exercise their basic right to withhold their labor . Which is when you come down to it the only real power they have .
The only problem i have with the unions involved in this race is that they haven't as of yet openly challenged Glazer on all his half truths. distortions and outright lies re the BART worker's very justifiable strike.
That's the only thing that can defeat Glazer and those he fronts for