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New Eviction Law Proposed in AB1513
by Nicolitavitche
Friday Apr 18th, 2014 10:50 AM
New Eviction Law Proposed California Wide! Stop AB1513!
On April 22nd in Sacramento, The California Judiciary Commitee will vote on a bill that, if passed, would give landlords and property owners new priviledges in metting out evictions. The proposed bill is AB1513(fox) and would be effective throughout California. Currently, a landlord or one claiming to own land MUST first go through the courts in order to obtain an eviction order against renters, residents, squatters and occupants. This process can be lengthy...and often safeguards renters/etcs from immediate expulsion and can create a timeline in which occupants can build a defense or organize against oppressive Landlords.
AB1513 gives Landlords and owners (or anyone claiming to be one) the power to enact "extra-judicial" other words, by signing and filing a brief declaration, a landlord can "order" police to carry out an eviction that, to the cop on the scene, would have the same impetus or weight as an order from a Judge. A declaration like the one proposed in AB1513 can be easily filled out and filed in an hour for less that $30.00, and if you did want to fight the "landlord ordered" eviction...well, you would have to do it through the, not before, like the laws stand now.
This Bill is clearly unconstitutional, but is gaining momentum in the lower committees, where it has been passing without a single "nay" from committee members. AB1513 is trouble for anyone who got a roof over their head but doesn't own that roof, and gives even more power to landlords in an already intense epoch of gentification, aggressive foreclosures, reno-evictions, and loss of commons to consumer centers and gated-condo-munities.
There's still time to fight AB1513 before it becomes a law for real. For more information you can peep the KILL the Bill Coalition at on Facebook at, and . The Kill the Bill Coalition has been working to contact housing rights organizations, committee members and tenant unions in hopes of putting pressure on the judiciary committee members and letting them know that AB1513 is not recognized by Californians and necessary or just.
You can read the makeup of the bill and its corresponding documents yourself at


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by Nikolitavitche
Friday Apr 18th, 2014 5:05 PM
The Judiciary Commitee is voting for this bill on april 29th now, hopefully this opens the window a bit for those organizing against AB1523