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See The Picture Of Oregon Calf Torture
by Rense Supporter
Tuesday Apr 8th, 2014 9:13 AM
calf crates.... concentration camp of confinement in Oregon

"This is not a graphic pic, nor a gorey one,... though one to make you think where your food comes from. Can you guess what this is?
This is in Oregon, and each crate has a calf in it, that was taken from his or her mourning, crying mother, one hour after they were born. Their mother had enough time, to clean up the birth, lick and intially bond with them, before they were taken away to live in these boxes, waiting to die in about six weeks. Here they will stay unable to move to make their "meat" tender until
they become veal steaks. Meat eaters...are you proud?"

Contact Oregon senators Wyden and Merkley at 202 224 3121