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Announcing the Qilombo Community Social Center Grand Opening
by Os Qilombo
Monday Apr 7th, 2014 10:18 AM
In January of 2014, the Holdout temporarily closed its doors to do some serious cleaning. Now that the space has gone through several transitions, it’s time to reopen as a radical social center that supports community in struggle–with new energy and a new name.

From the Kimbundu word kilombo, the original quilombos were maroon societies founded by African people in Brazil and throughout South America between the 16th and 19th centuries. Most inhabitants of the quilombos were Africans escaping the trans-atlantic slave trade, but included indigenous people from local regions and other marginalized people fleeing European colonization. These autonomous zones provided land, shelter, and safety for those fighting to protect themselves from colonial enslavement and genocide. Resistance meant survival.

In this spirit of inter-communal solidarity, we invite you to join us in struggle! The Qilombo community social center is a place of intersection for Anarchists, other revolutionaries for liberation and folks from our neighborhood.

We have meeting and event space, a bookstore, a bike workshop, a free store, a pool table, a printing studio, and free use computers. A mutual-aid food distribution that offers free, nutritious groceries every Sunday. The HEPPAC collective that provides a needle exchange Friday mornings. We also host regularly occurring skillshares in Swahili and Chinese Martial Arts, an Anarchist/Autonomous Person of Color reading group, the Educate to Liberate workshop series, a prisoner letter writing night, and more! We are seeking new volunteers and new proposals for workshops and events, hit us up! These events are open to the public and are free or donation based.

Our bookstore specializes in radical books that are relevant to our communities. We have an excellent selection of books on African liberation, Anarchism, revolutionary movements, critical theory, a choice selection of zines, and some excellent fiction. Come by and read a book, or buy one that you’d like to take home.

We offer instruction on basic bike maintenance and repair. If you need help fixing up your bike or are interested in building one yourself, stop by the bike workshop.

As we begin this new stage of struggle, we are asking for the support of comrades from all over the world by becoming Friends of Qilombo and making a one time or recurring donation.

If you have any questions, would like to be added to our announcement list, or would like to host a class, meeting or an event, please email or visit

In Solidarity,

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by T'shaka
Monday Apr 7th, 2014 11:09 AM
In your library: can I find "Foundations of Leninism" and "Mastering Bolshevism" by the great revolutionary and Marxist thinker Joseph Stalin? Also, copies of 'Burning Spear?'

by um filho do zumbi
Monday Apr 7th, 2014 12:04 PM
hoping there will be more skillshares too, like 'how to be a location for runaway slaves with monarchism' and 'how to maintain excellent relations with middle-class and elitist institutions run by people of color' and 'how to prove islam is a force for women's liberation' and 'how to make a white ally'...

you people are so ignorant (dare i say 'colonialist'? since your all gringos -- meaning anyone not from brazil, especially north americans) to steal the historic name you know so little about in a language you know even less about that you could use the plural word for 'the' when 'qilombo' (which you insist on spelling wrong, and the origin of the word is more controversial than you pretend) is singular. this brazilian anarchist is sickened by such abuse. the race issue in my home is impossible to disentangle from the class issue, while here in the usa, you race-fetishists separate them so much that you can prove your not racist as long as you have black and brown people around you. it doesn't matter what their politics are as long as their black and brown. really radical!
by dude
Monday Apr 7th, 2014 3:25 PM
You must be one of those European Brazilians, to be defending the colonizer's tongue like that. No reason to spell it by the Portuguese manner of spelling (its not even a Portuguese word, it comes form Angola), no reason to be grammatically correct in a language from a colonizer that committed mass genocide/torture/enslavement/displacement to indigenous/African people.

by nah
Monday Apr 7th, 2014 3:30 PM
Single word, no pronoun. Check out the official website, sillypants:
by um filho do zumbi
Monday Apr 7th, 2014 9:40 PM
"Announcing the Qilombo Community Social Center Grand Opening
by Os Qilombo"

i am merely a proud brazilian who knows that the official language of my country contains thousands of words and idioms derived from african and indigenous and other european languages. it's part of unique brazilian culture, unlike most others in south america. the cultural mixing that has characterized brazil from the time of the battles between the dutch and the portuguese is what has contributed to its wealth. spelling it 'qilombo' makes no sense in any language, not just brazilian portuguese. these ignorant cultural vultures should have spelled it with a 'k' instead of a 'q' and i wouldn't have cared. but to make it a fake portuguese word while using the wrong 'the' is too much. wallow in your stupidities along with them.