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END "Cruz ID" Internet Log-in Protocols University of California Santa Cruz
by Rogue Comet (wasterand [at]
Saturday Apr 5th, 2014 12:59 PM
The University of California Santa Cruz is now forcing students to "log-in" in order to use the library internet facilities and/or to print.

UCSC Police State Takeover
Students, faculty, staff, administration and honored alumni of UCSC: We've got a MAJOR
"Red Alert" Police State takeover of our campus in progress.
For those who don't know, Janet Napolitano (the former head of the US Dept
of Homeland Security) is now the so-called "President" of the entire UC system. She has been
directed to militarize, enslave and ultimately destroy our wonderful UC campuses throughout
the state in collusion with the planned de-industrialization and destruction of America.
Here at UCSC, her people have already completely taken over our computer
internet access with their new "Cruz ID" cybersurveillance/NSA spy system. No, you are NOT
required, nor should you approve of, having to "log-in" into any computer terminal at UCSC's
libraries in order to access the Internet. Boycott and END Cruz ID at UCSC and lets return
a free and open internet back to the UCSC community where it belongs.
We now have an ILLEGAL spy and surveillance camera in the lobby
of the McHenry Library that needs to be REMOVED immediately. Plans are to install ILLEGAL
surveillance cameras on all buildings all throughout campus.
To justify this obscene intrusion into our privacy, there are Dept of Homeland Security and/or state police state
agents starting fires on our campus- there have been 5 so far. These fires, along with what i predict will be an increase
in bike thefts and break-ins on campus, will be used to justify the manufactured "need" to have surveillance cameras installed
all throughout our campus. This how these people operate. These people are EVIL and they must be stopped and
their actions reversed and rectified, or they will ultimately destroy the integrity and uniqueness of our campus.
Here's what we must do: DEMAND an END to "Cruz ID" at our libraries. DEMAND that all ILLEGAL
surveillance cameras be REMOVED immediately- particularly the one at McHenry Library which monitors,
records, tracks and identifies everyone entering and exiting the library. We must call for a moratorium
on the installation of ALL new ILLEGAL surveillance cameras on campus. Lastly, we must call
for criminal and impeachment charges to be filed against Janet Napolitano. We need to have her removed
from UC Administration, arrested, prosecuted and jailed for her CRIMES against the entire UC system
and for helping turn our country into a dictatorial fascist police state.
Rogue Comet
UCSC Alumni
Santa Cruz, California

Boycott and End “Cruz ID” Log-in/University of California Santa Cruz/Library Internet Computers
Jan 4, 2014
UCSC’s internet computers have recently been highjacked, taken-over and destroyed by the new “Cruz ID” cybersurveillance log-in/password system.
Rather than just easily clicking anonymously right onto the Internet at our libraries (as it has been for years), UCSC’s IT (Internet Technology) Dept has recently instituted a new burdensome and time-consuming “log-in/password” system that is specifically DESIGNED to illegally track, monitor, identify, spy, surveil and record all users internet activity, history and printing sources.
I call on ALL UCSC students, faculty, alumni and staff to BOYCOTT and help END the new Cruz ID log-in system by filing complaints to the UCSC Administration to have the entire UCSC IT Dept FIRED for creating an illegal and unnecessary spy and surveillance system at our libraries.
Let us return the Internet back to the UCSC community and users jurisdiction, as well as bring back an anonymous ‘pay as you go’ printing system that protects and upholds the PRIVACY of all users of these resources.
Direct your complaints to the UCSC Administration at: chancellor [at] and online via the Science and McHenry library contact forms: Further complaints can be directed to the UCSC IT Dept at: help [at]
Let us nip this police state takeover of our library internet access in the bud before they begin to install biometric spy and surveillance cameras on every building throughout campus (as Cabrillo College is now doing) to illegally spy, track, monitor, surveil, photograph and record our bodies, faces and identities as well- as they fully intend to do.
Such a network will provide REALTIME police state internet and camera surveillance directly to the NSA (the National Security Agency), who just opened up a huge new facility in Utah to compile and store data illegally on American’s internet activity, e-mail, phone records, GPS location and biometric identity signature movements. This information will also go though the so-called state “threat fusion centers” that have been set up all across the country in every state since 9/11. Such police state activities will ultimately destroy our precious freedoms and liberties as well as crush and enslave our educational institutions here in America.
Janet Napolitano, the former head of the US Dept of Homeland Security and now the so-called “President” of the University of California system, has been ordered by her peers in Washington, DC, New York and London to set up a UC surveillance grid precisely such as this during her tenure here. Will the UCSC community allow this egregious assault on our privacy and dignity to go unanswered?
BOYCOTT and END Cruz ID at UC Santa Cruz.
BAN ALL Spy and Surveillance Cameras on our Campus.
ENOUGH of this Madness!

Rogue Comet
UCSC Alumni
University of California Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, California

CC: Democracy Now, Online UCSC Library Form, Government Accountability Project
=> Online NSA whistle blower links:
1. Edward Snowden Warns the World of Mass Surveillance:
2. Tom Drake: NSA Whistleblower:
3. National Security Agency Whistleblower William Binney on Growing State Surveillance:
4. Democracy Now 'National Security Agency' Archive:
5. Government Accountability Project:

by k
Wednesday Apr 9th, 2014 2:47 PM
UCSC has used CruzIDs to make printing and sharing files easier across printers for years. There has always been (and still are) ways to use the printers without needing a log-in, and also access the internet. It's also not illegal to require log-ins for computers. They're paid for by the university and not exactly a public resource, since the university is in fact a corporation. Also, surveillance cameras, illegal? Please. Irritating, yes. An invasion of privacy, yes. Illegal? No.

Honestly, my guess is that you are one of the wingnuts who regularly get kicked out of the library for causing a scene. There are plenty of non-university folks who access university resources with no problem, but don't expect the librarians and staff to put up with your crazy.

by Doctor Slug
Thursday Jun 12th, 2014 2:50 PM
Mr. Rogue Comet is mostly correct, k. You are a government shill. Fuck you.