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Independent Autopsy of Andy Lopez's Body Reveals Instant Execution
by Justice for Andy
Sunday Mar 30th, 2014 1:53 AM
The Justice Coalition for Andy Lopez has released an independent autopsy report conducted on the body of Andy Lopez. Santa Rosa Sheriff Erick Gelhaus killed Andy and within 10 seconds hit him with seven bullets. The report states the seven bullets entered Andy's body in the following locations: his chest, his left arm, his left wrist, his right wrist, his right buttock, his right lateral buttock, and his lower back.

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This independent autopsy was conducted on October 26, 2013. Andy was killed by Gelhaus on October 22.

A final page added to the report states:

-Pay attention to GunShotWound#l (#1 on diagram page 5) - enters body to right of right nipple passing through both lungs & top of heart - 4th upper left rear rib where bullet lodged'
-Pay attention to GunShotwound#S (#7 on diagram page 8) - travels horizontally into the body abdominal cavity hitting liver.
-Pay attention to Gunshotwound#6 (#11 on diagram page 8)- right pelvic area stops the bullet'
-Pay attention to Gunshotwound#7 (#10 on diagram page 5) - enters right backside at waist at an angle travelling into body mass.
-All four bullets were removed by the sheriff's coroner'
-Think about the bullet's paths into Andy Lopez's torso. Visualize how GSW#1 enters the torso?
-You determine if Andy Lopez was given time to respond to a questionable command from Deputy Gelhaus within 3 seconds? The barrage of 8 bullets stopped within 10 seconds (a burst of 3 followed by another burst of 5)!
-You determine if excessive lethal force was applied?
-You determine if Andy's constitutional rights were violated?
-Good governance requires that we question, probe, initiate proposals for discussions and follow through on concerns regarding Law Enforcement'
by Justice for Andy Sunday Mar 30th, 2014 1:53 AM