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On Medi-cal ? You CANNOT Choose A Physician Outside Your Own County !!
by Dorinda Oakes
Friday Mar 28th, 2014 9:18 PM
California is in the process of removing freedom of Choice and Movement within the state by restricting the low income and disabled from seeking Primary Care Physicians outside the County in which they reside, Regardless of the quality or availability of care in their area.
Are we fighting a losing battle for our freedom ? If you are low income / disabled your freedom of choice is being Seriously curtailed in California. As a Medical recipient , I thought that I was free to choose my own Primary Care Physician, NOT SO !! There are only THREE sources of Primary Care in the entire county ( Northern CA ) and I don't feel that I receive Quality Care from any of them. Deciding to seek Health Care in a larger county I began searching for a new Doctor and was informed that I HAD to Accept what was available within my own county. To top that off, I have to make arrangements to change Doctors within my own county ! What difference does it make to ANYONE where a person chooses to get Health Care ? This New Health Care Plan is worse than anything we have ever had. Does being low income mean you have no rights ?