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Monterey County Sheriffs Kill Man in Big Sur
by Monterey County Police News
Sunday Mar 23rd, 2014 6:08 PM
A man was shot to death by Monterey County sheriff's deputies in Big Sur on Thursday, March 20. News reports say two deputies were involved in the killing. The dead man's name has not been released yet, nor have the sheriff's names.
Reports say the man was wanted on burglary charges and that he rammed a sheriff's vehicle after they spotted his car and were chasing him. Reports then say two people exited the car during the chase and tried to run away when the deputies killed one of them.

The exact details of the killing vary widely from media report to media report.

A report by KSBW says the Monterey DA doesn't know why police killed the man ( ).

A report in the Californian says that sheriff's officials were unavailable for comment on the morning of Friday, March 21 and that the Monterey DA was 'unsure whether the suspects were armed or if any of the deputies were injured in the wreck' ( ).

A report in the Monterey Weekly says Undersheriff Max Houser says the man was armed: 'Houser says the series of events leading to the shooting are unclear. The man and the woman, one of whom was armed, tried to run. At least two deputies shot at the man and woman, killing the man; Houser says he isn't sure if the suspects fired first' ( )

A report in the Monterey Herald describes the killing as 'an unidentified man fled, but was later found dead. A woman who was with him was arrested.'

The article also says that the two deputies were placed on administrative leave, but 'Undersheriff Max Houser referred all other questions to the District Attorney's Office, which is handling the investigation.' ( ).

There is no information about this police killing on Monterey County's website, or on the Monterey County sheriff's department website, or on the DA's website.
§Man Killied is Identified
by Monterey County Police News Tuesday Mar 25th, 2014 12:24 PM
The man who was killed by Monterey County sheriffs was identified on Tuesday, March 25 as Hector Chairez of Selma. The woman who was there at the time of contact with the sheriffs has not been identified.

Tuesday reports revealed the following:

The Monterey Herald says the DA told them Chairez was armed and attempted to flee when he was shot ( )

The Californian says 'On Monday, Ryan McGuirk, a district attorney’s investigator, identified Chairez as the man killed in the two deputies’ line of fire. He wouldn’t comment on whether Chairez or the woman were armed.' and '“For whatever reason, the officers felt they needed to use their firearms,” he said.' ( )

KSBW says 'When asked if Chairez was armed when deputies killed him, McGuirk declined to comment.' and 'Chairez was killed after he bailed out of the car and was running on foot with a female passenger. The woman was captured and arrested. Investigators with the Monterey County District Attorney's Office said they are not sure why deputies opened fire.' ( )
§No Gun has been found by investigators
by Monterey County Police News Thursday Mar 27th, 2014 12:03 PM
The Monterey Herald is reporting that so far no gun has been found by investigators in the five days since the killing of Hector "Junior" Chairez by Monterey County sheriffs deputies.

'Chief Assistant District Attorney Terry Spitz said he was initially told officers thought Chairez had a firearm, but none has been found at the scene.'

'"As I understand it, (investigators) have not found a firearm," Spitz said.'

Amber Dawn Barnett has been named as the person who was arrested at the scene in Big Sur when Hector Chairez was killed.