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HUFF Weekly "Save Streetside Vitality" Protests Likely to Continue
by Robert Norse (rnorse3 [at]
Wednesday Mar 19th, 2014 9:58 PM
For the last month, HUFF has held regular protests outside the Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company initially focusing on "Backpack Bigotry"--the policy of that cafe, Peet's, Lulu Carpenters, and Starbucks to "ban all backpacks", but actually selectively admit the "less homeless-looking" folks. The protests are now encouraging musicians, artists, chessplayers, chatters, and the community generally to return and treat the sidewalks as the community property that it is. Laws criminalizing sitting or performing with a donation cup on 95% of the sidewalk need to be laughed off the Avenue. So far there has been general approval and no response from the armed uniforms patrolling the street. The article below includes a description, a flyer, and a petition.

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by Wade Radians
Thursday Mar 20th, 2014 3:57 AM
I doubt Lulu's has a policy banning backpacks. I think you even acknowledged as much earlier. It sounds like you're so blinded by your hatred for them that you're willing to fabricate things to fit your narrative. If you really think they're doing that why don't you take this protest there? Why keep returning to RoCo week after week? Or do you hate them more than you do Lulu's?

Either way, I'd be more impressed if you made this look more like a protest over an actual societal issue, and less like a personal vendetta.
by @
Thursday Mar 20th, 2014 3:00 PM
HUFF got lots of complaints about many coffee shops. lulu still discriminates. it is too isolated to bother with. coffee roasting co is by far the best location to picket. robert would rather serve coffee on the levee. i am insisting on this location at every HUFF meeting because it is exactly where the downtown association does not want us.
right in the middle of town.
by Razer Ray
Friday Mar 21st, 2014 8:09 AM
A lot of people take it personal because even as RN types about supposed 'backpack bigotry' MANY of the places he duns ABSOLUTELY allow backpacks. For instance right now there's a shopping cart blocking Peets window and sandwich board sign. No one from the store has asked the owner to move it. Apparently the cart's owner has enough sense not to bring it inside or expect Peets to allow that. But it's right outside... un-hassled. There a 3 seat corner table with a guy, TWO medium backpacks and a skateboard... Picture that in a store Robert claims is bigoted against people with backpacks etc.

The pergolisi allows one of Robert's FORMER friends, the guy who was involved in the Cruzio Homeless Computer Geek Dustup that lost it's PR luster and has been forgotten, to bring his THREE WHEELED GOLF CADDY MOUNTED GUITAR and the rest of his stuff into the shop.

IOW and IMHO Robert is full of bullshit. He's actually sabotaging many street people's favorite hangouts but he... doesn't... care. In a similar manner to him not caring about the outcome for the homeless when he refers to the SCPD as 'gunmen' and uses primitive hand-drawn picture of people being shot on the ground in a made-for-movie-image Gestapo-like manner, stirring up emotions for potential homeless bashing among the troglodytes of TBSC as they, and more importantly their teenage loinspawn say "So is THAT what the homeless think of our fine upstanding SCPD?"

Robert Norse is a loose cannon on the deck of Santa Cruz' homeless and his HUFF org is the Santa Cruz equivalent of the Westboro Baptist Church in the sense they stir up a bunch of inflammatory crap that adversely affects the homeless but the response to the shit they fling doesn't affect them at all. Because they all have homes with lockable doors, don't carry backpacks around with them (they have cars, with trunks) and they don't depend on coffee shops for their morning brew.

HUFF is also Robert's show. He sets the agenda and other items will be entertained, but not entered, on HIS agenda. HUFF is essentially a Fabian Fascist cult of personality. Robert and his friends DO NOT, NOR HAVE THEY EVER represented the homeless in any tangible, no less substantial, way.

They are "Dangerous Dilettantes" (Like that rhyme Robert?)
by (A)nger Management
Friday Mar 21st, 2014 8:36 AM
Razer, someone from HUFF has just commented saying Robert does not run the show there and that he wanted to have a demonstration on the levee where they served coffee to people, but that idea was not adopted by the group.

The person also said HUFF has received a lot of complaints about homeless people being discriminated against and about being denied service at these coffee shops.

Also, I believe I know who that HUFF commenter is, and he is homeless.

I am not homeless but I have spoken to MANY homeless people over the years and what they report generally matches up to what HUFF reports. I believe HUFF in this situation.

Some of the folks I have spoken to are your friends Ray, and they generally have different opinions than yours.

Therefore, I believe that you Ray, are the danger.

You seem to be at a point where you hate everyone because of personality issues, and sometimes because of small personal mistakes they have made with you.

Pretty much everyone is sick of your trolling and your fascist tendency to attack any beliefs that are not your own.

There is nothing constructive about your fits of anger on Indybay, and you are like any other anger troll who has a desire to troll forums regardless of their political identity. You mostly just waste people's time by writing this crap of yours, and it seems like you do this intentionally because you are so powerless. You aren't helping in any way, you just sound desperate for attention. In general you should probably go outside and take a few deep breaths before you ever post here.

We are all sick of your endless troll rants against Robert Norse, Brent Adams, and as of late, Gary Johnson.
by Observer
Saturday Mar 22nd, 2014 4:06 PM
Guess I missed the vote where "all of us" appointed (A)nger Management as the Indybay spokesperson.
by Rager Ray
Monday Mar 24th, 2014 12:37 PM
A)nger Management:
"Some of the folks I have spoken to are your friends Ray, and they generally have different opinions than yours.

Therefore, I believe that you Ray, are the danger."

First of all, they're my FRIENDS. They KNOW my opinion and they're STILL my FRIENDS, and although their opinions MAY differ from mine, they're entitled to them. Because I don't have the FASCIST tendency of needing people to believe my opinion is the only fully correct one, and they can critique me at their leisure. I do the same with their opinions.

Whereas YOU "(A)nger Management", KNOW them... In other words they're acquaintances of some sort, and whether your opinion about what I've said, which IS UNSTATED HERE, has any validity at all, is unknown. Further, no one has mentioned your discussing me with them so I suspect you don't even know who my friends are but have contacted people who perhaps know me by sight or by name.

That doesn't make them 'friends'. I know ALL KINDS of people... Junkies, crackheads, street performers, gem peddlers and scarf knitters too. Business owners... Had coffee with Butch Baker once to discuss a rogue cop he eventually fired. Does that mean he was my "Friend"?

Secondly, I AM "in danger". This town has not JUST had it's homeless community twisted beyond recognition by rafts of stupid and unconstitutional ordinances that drove off any homeless person that would perhaps care to work for their survival around here, the city, over the decades has MANAGED TO DESTROY THE WHOLE COMMUNITY and recreate it as a Disneyland-By-The-Bay sans a working class... lower OR upper.

Then we have people like Robert Norse, whom I can easily see empirically on the street (the 2 tier "you're on the shelter list or you aren't makes the diff as to whether you get a free pass for camping tickets" from the media fallout of PeaceCamp2010 RN talking points), and in government (where the new public comment rule at city council was quite obviously targeting Robert's known behavior) are further polarizing what's left of the community over things that AREN'T EVEN REAL (or self-created as in the two incidents mentioned above), and in that first example DIVIDING AND POLARIZING THE HOUSE-LESS THEMSELVES.

Then there's "Gunman" cops, and coffeeshops that allegedly discriminate against the homeless but in reality, contrary to people who can't take responsibility for their antisocial behavior or Narcissistic acting out and get ejected for the same behavior anyone else would get ejected for, do nothing of the sort.

I stand by my statement that Robert and his friend's alleged interest in 'helping the homeless' endangers the homeless and causes further division in a community where all one has to do is stand on a street corner with a backpack and someone will literally walk up to you with their EXPENSIVE MEAL leftovers and say: "Are you hungry?"

That happened to me downtown THREE TIMES last week even though I wasn't hauling any 'homeless accoutrements' around with me, and you know, despite the fact that in two of those instances I wasn't hungry, I STILL took the food (hobo rules) ,and said thank you, and received a warm gracious smile, and passed it along to the next person looking for food.

My opinion is the inflammatory behavior and attitude represented by Robert, TBSC, and their ilk is a MICROSCOPIC SOCIOCULTURALLY UNINFORMED PERCENTAGE of Santa Cruz population that would best be simply ignored, and isolated, and their propaganda, because on BOTH sides of that media-hungry equation it IS propaganda of the crassest and most dishonest sort, thoroughly rejected for what it is. Disinformation. Grey Propaganda. At BEST Half-truths with agendas to match their deceit.
by @
Tuesday Mar 25th, 2014 10:42 AM
no one represents the homeless. not even razor. but everyone wants to claim they know what's best for them. i am very suspicious of those who claim protesting is bad for the homeless. look at what has happened to the homeless in the past year or so of essentially no homeless protests.
you can't sleep in the library anymore.
stepped up sweeps in the woods.
the sidewalk donation areas were drastically shrunk.
and now you can't sit in some coffee shops with a backpack.
on the other hand protest can lead to real social change.
city sleeping tickets get dismissed if you are on the waiting list at the hsc because of barisone's response to ed frey's charge of harassment and the peacecamp2010 protest.
and now i have heard a few weeks back pergolasi fired the person who was hassling the homeless there. this was where most of the complaints that huff got were coming from. we decided not to picket there because pegolasi is usually cool. people give us reports at the table that most of the prejudice at coffee roasting co. is coming from one worker there too.
the protest has expanded to include protesting the sidewalk harassment by police and downtown hosts. because no one else is persistently protesting about it.
i recommend other groups do what we are doing on the other 6 days, it is a very easy and fun protest to do. and a lot of people walk by that spot.
so you see razor, the protest is about backpackers and sidewalk artists and performers, not the homeless, riiiiiiiiight?

Razor Ray, as ever, has strong opinions. Often provocative and informative ones.

I don't claim to represent anybody but myself, incidentally. A fact I never tire of repeating.

Peets staff advised me several days ago that they DO allow backpacks inside, and that any statements made by prior personnel were "a misunderstanding". Whether this is accurate or whether they have changed their policy, it's all to the good.

There's been no such change at Starbucks, Lulu Carpenters, or the Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company, as far as I'm aware.

While it's nice for unhoused old-timers who have their own arrangements--with management and police-- to be able to avoid the same level of discrimination, the broader issue of visual discrimination against homeless-looking folks generally continues--and has grown more intense city-wide.

Please continue too report incidents of discrimination (or its opposite) as they happen. Video would be even more helpful.