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Parlier Chief of Police David Cerda, the trouble continues:
by Gene Leal
Monday Mar 17th, 2014 1:11 PM
Parlier Chief of Police David Cerda, the trouble continues:
Thank goodness the City Council came up with additional funds to keep the police department afloat. Chief Cerda was recently told there is an additional $900,000.00. He’s told all of the troops that we’ve been saved. Not going to bring back any of the full time officers which were laid off. Instead Chief Cerda is putting his friends he hired as reserve officers back on the schedule and to work. I truly believe he is not concerned with the perception. He’s only concerned about himself.

Personally, I’d rather have a full-timer work instead of a reserve that could just randomly flake out and not show up for work. Or leave to go home mid shift without notice.

And to see Chief Cerda at the council meetings is just embarrassing. He doesn’t respond to questions and stares into space. At times I wonder if he’s even there. He stumbles when he gives presentations on topics he asked to discuss. He should be familiar with the items but doesn’t appear to be.

Measure S is fast approaching and we’ll all be asked very soon to support and vote in favor of the tax increase. Chief Cerda should be focusing on improving the department’s public image and reversing the negative perceptions that are out there. Community programs, what community programs? Oh but there was that basketball tournament last year. A Chief of Police needs to be at the front of the battle not hanging out at the snack bar.

A “NO” vote looms on the horizon.